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Bad Sales Interview Questions

When going through an interview, you should expect to hear a lot of questions. Some questions are simply better than others.

What Are the Duties of a Logistics Manager?

Logistics managers contribute to the success of a company.manager image by Dmitri MIkitenko from Fotolia.comLogistics managers play an important role within companies that manufacture or distribute goods or services. They use their organizational, technical and industry-specific skills to...

Discover How Using Keywords Can Help Ex-Offenders Find Jobs

If you are an ex-offender you will find it a lot easier to identify companies who are hiring if you use the right job search keywords. Internet search engine results are driven by keywords. For example, you will need to enter a keyword or keyword phrase when you use the job search engine sites. This

Does Your Employee Channel Godzilla?

Hopefully you've never met Godzilla, but statistics tell have. In fact, Godzilla may even be working for you right now!

Recruiter Guide : How To Select Perfect Resume

The purpose of the resume is to catch the attention of a recruiter to set up an interview. Keeping your resume professional and concise will help give the recruiter the exact information they need to decide if an interview is needed. Making sure your resume if free of any spelling or grammatical err

EMT Programs in Houston, Texas

There are several EMT programs in Houston, Texas.paramedic 1 image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comThere a number of accredited emergency medical technician programs in the Houston, TX. Certification classes necessary to pursue a career as an EMT and may be taken at area community colleges....

Types of Positions for an ER Nurse

The emergency room nurse must work fast and efficiently, while remaining calm.Nurse in Scrubs image by Mary Beth Granger from Fotolia.comA hospital emergency room is a fast-paced medical environment, requiring many staff members to work together to care for injured and ill patients. The...

How To Produce The Perfect Resume

The global economic recession has caused the unemployment level to keep on rising every month. In view of this the job seekers need to take full advantage of every opportunity they have.

How To Ask The Right Questions

Knowing how to ask the right questions, is not as easy as most people think. An interviewer must have different types of approach. It is important to remember the differences, if you expect to get the right answers. Prospective employees and witnesses are asked questions in a much different manner t

Tax Preparer Regulations in Maryland

Tax preparers help millions of people each year file their tax forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comEach year between the end of January and April 15, tax preparers are inundated with the W-2 forms of people filing their previous year's income taxes. In addition to...

How to Achieve Performance Appraisal Objectives

An employee must be an active participant in the performance appraisal process to eliminate surprises and experience success. Performance appraisal objectives give employees specific information about what they should accomplish within a given period of time. Yet, simply reading the list of objectiv

5 Steps to Resolve Workplace Conflict

Why do we rise to take on healthy conflict and why do we shrink from fixing workplace upsets? Why can we take on the competitor across town yet quake at the thought of tackling the co-worker across the room? Why do we opt instead for suffering in silence while developing an ulcer?... Here are five s

Jobs With Fast Growth Rates

One of the ways to maximize the possibility of landing that perfect job is to apply for positions in fields that are experiencing positive growth. Fortunately, a number of interesting, challenging and rewarding professions have seen double-digit growth in recent years. Using data gathered about such

When Employing A Company Consultant

There are a few minutes when a small business should implement a small business advisor. When finding one from an external point of supply, there are particular issues a employee must discover out when using the perfect business advisor. A number of these recommendations are good verdict. Other item

What Are the Duties of a Customer Service Supervisor?

A customer service supervisor has a busy schedule.customer service image by Kurhan from Fotolia.comIf you have been considering a career as a customer service supervisor, you must consider that the work load is much more than a representative staffed in a phone queue for a full shift....

Paralegal Rules

Paralegals are expected to abide by set standards of ethical and professional conduct.young lawyer image by Alexey Stiop from Fotolia.comParalegals must abide by ethical and professional standards similar to those of other members of the legal profession. Some state bar associations have...

Networking tips for the shy

Networking may not be the most comfortable exercise for introverts but there's no question that it's a valuable career tool.