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10 Effective Ways To Succeed With Your Blogs

Having a blog can be very challenging when you are competing with millions of blogs out there. Whether hosted as a word press blog or blogger, what is important is that you should have quality, superior content on your blog. My own experience on having a blog online can be summarized in 10 ways. If

Blog Post Ideas For Making Money Online

Blog post ideas can be easily put together to create a unique online money making idea. Blogging is more than just a mere way to share your must with others who may be surfing the internet online. Through coming up with very good blog post ideas and connecting them to a reliable online revenue progr

I Love Podcasts

I love podcasts. If you haven't tried them yet, you might find they are a wonderful way to expand you knowledge while exercising or driving. Apparently some authorities claim podcasting is dead. Yet Paul Colligan on his blog showed a Google Trends graph that clearly indicates an incredible inte

Blogging And Article Marketing: Highly Effective Tips For The Blogger

Have you created your new blog and looking for best method to promote it? Here is an effective and cheapest method to promote your blog easily. Yes, I am talking about the most effective article writing strategy. If you wish to popularize your blog in the search engines then article writing is the r

5 More Ways to Improve Your Blog

The world of blogging moves really fast.As fast as millions of people can write code, plug-ins and content. Keeping up with the Joneses is rough.Here's 5 more ways you can improve your blog and create value for your company or cause and better the user experience.

WordPress Blog Optimisation - Link Building Exposed!

One of the effective ways to get free, targeted traffic to your blog, is to have a link building strategy. Your goal should be to rank as high as possible in the search engines, especially in Google.

How to Start a Blog For Profit - Write Your Passion

Before you start to write a blog, you should seriously consider the topic you're going to cover on it.Lots of different blogs offer information on the technical aspects of blogging as a business:these are mostly people from the IT and advertising worlds who are very good at understanding concep

Blogging For Dollars - $4000 Monthly

Blogging has had a phenomenal impact in the internet marketing industry. Monetizing a blog is a great way to earn an extra income online.

Cloning Your WordPress Blog Saves You Lots And Lots Of Time

If you use a WordPress blog, have you ever thought about how much time you put in to making everything look just right? Setting the discussion settings, changing the permalinks, setting up all the SEO plugins, creating the content, the categories, the navigation, finding that perfect theme - all the

How to Tell People About Your Blog

I am sure you have told all of your friends about your new Blog then found that very few of them visited it more than once. One of the biggest mistake business owners do is thinking that if they have lots of friends and know lots of people then their business will grow but this is completely wrong.

How Many Pages Should My Blog Have - Creating Content For Your Blogs

Welcome to my 'Blog creation and Blog Content Guidelines' information article. Im Josh and i wanted to go ahead and answer this question- once and for all. At many of my webinars and speaking arrangements, mostly when I am on the topic of setting up a blog or initial blog creation - I am o

Basic Technical Optimization For the WordPress Blog

WordPress is becoming well liked every day. It allows the people to set up a blog and create a web site within a few minutes. In this article we discussed the basic technical optimization for the WordPress blog. We discussed the various methods for it as well.

How to Start a Blog

Today on the Internet, anyone can start a successful blog. All blog related tools have been simplified so that even the most inexperienced Internet users can learn what to do without much of a learning curve. Blogging can be a good way to meet people, share your thoughts or even make money.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

Blogging today is very popular for business purposes.But is the return on your investment of time and energy worth it?Here are the top three reasons why it is.

How to Float the Footer Below the Content Sidebar in WordPress

WordPress uses themes as templates that dictate the look of your website. These themes come in parts that separate the header, contents, sidebars and footers. A style sheet called "style.css" applies a systematic set of style elements to every part. When creating your own theme, you will need to kno

One Way Blog Backlinks Bring Traffic

People are always looking for new advice on how to better optimize their sites for search engines. Getting one way blog backlinks is a very effective strategy for getting higher search engine ranking. You can get many backlinks by joining a good link network.

Blogs And What They Do

Everybody and their dog seems to have a blog these days. I even know someone who set up a blog for his cat, I kid you not. Blogs seem to be the new way for the immense populace of the Internet to tell us things about themselves nobody ever wanted to know.