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Unsecured Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Getting an unsecured credit card after bankruptcy is often hard for most people. So it is not advisable that you immediately apply for one right after your bankruptcy proceedings.

How to File a New Bankruptcy Yourself

Filing a bankruptcy petition yourself is known as filing pro se, or without an attorney. While there is no law preventing you from filing your own petition, even the U.S. Courts recommend that you hire a competent attorney. If you have accurate financial records and attention to detail, however, you

Can My Car Be Repossessed After the Original Contract Is Modified?

When a consumer is experiencing financial difficulties, a creditor may lower the payment to prevent the loan from going into default. When a creditor modifies the loan terms, he must issue a new contract that voids the original loan contract. However, the lien remains on the vehicle, and a creditor

Bankruptcy Alternative - Lower The Payments

Bankruptcy alternatives are the way-out for those who do not wish to register themselves in the courts. They are aimed at early discharging of loans without judicial or court intervention.

Help With Clearing Debt

Writing your last debt payment and clearing your debt is a huge challenge, but a major accomplishment. Sadly, some people will never resolve their credit card debt due to lack of self control and poor debt management habits. But by researching debt elimination strategies and implementing these tips

Can Bills Go to Collection Without a Written Letter?

Credit card accounts and other bills are assigned to collections teams after becoming past due. Procedures vary depending on the lender, with mortgage companies and auto lenders usually placing accounts in collections after just one missed payment. A credit card company may make the move after two

Effective Tips For Choosing A Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Nowadays we hear lots of people losing their jobs as unemployment is increasing a lot. We can never say that we will not face the situation as the unexpected happens. We should be ready with the solutions for the life's most unexpected and complex financial problems.

Buried in Debt? Filing Bankruptcy? In All Things Still Be Thankful

When you are buried under a mountain of debt and having creditors constantly calling and you are now considering filing bankruptcy to get them off your back, it's pretty hard to be thankful during this holiday season. The Bible speaks strongly about giving thanks even during the tough times. In

What Is Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Montana?

Filing for bankruptcy is just one alternative for dealing with debt. Personal bankruptcy cases typically fall under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, depending on your total debt and the amount of your assets. Each state establishes its own local rules for filing in addition to federal bankruptcy rules. If y

Will My Chapter 13 Case Be Dismissed If I Don't Pay My Federal Taxes?

If you've fallen behind on taxes and other debt, one recourse is filing Chapter 13. After you file the petition for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court, you arrange a repayment plan, administered by the court's appointed trustee. The plan is a way for you to repay a portion of your d

How Do People Fall Into Debt?

Debt in America is epidemic. According to CNN Money, the average American household with one credit card has more than $10,000 in credit card debt. Despite all of the warnings from the media, parents and friends, people continue to fall deeper into debt. There are countless reasons why people will f

Bankruptcy Debt Relief - The Last Resort

If you really are up to your neck in debts and owe more than a hundred thousand dollars to various creditors, and no debt relief service will accept to help you out, you still have an option, file for bankruptcy. Many people who have found themselves in dire straits due to financial problems have ta

Are You Ready For Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy process can be overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. Knowing what is expected of you throughout the process can help you prepare and eliminate mistakes that could cost you valuable ...

What to Do When Chapter 13 Fails?

If you are having problems paying your bills but have steady income, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a good solution. Under Chapter 13, your income is funneled toward your secured debt, like your home or vehicle, while any remaining debt, like unsecured debt (e.g. credit card debt) is settled

Small Business Marketing- Tips On How To Do It

When you start a small business, it can be compared to having your very own child. The same way, a child needs special attention and nurturing, the same should be applied to your business. You ...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bankruptcy

Some of the advantages of becoming bankrupt are: • Your creditors have no reason to contact you again. • You can make a fresh start after only one year, maybe less. • Except certain narrow ...

Frugal Way to Get Out of Debt

If you're in debt due to credit cards, student loans or other loans, you can get out of debt by living more frugally. If you hold your breath every time you run your credit card hoping that it will go through, you need to make changes today. If you're spending more than you're making, make cuts in o

The Effects of Claiming Bankruptcy

When a person becomes overburdened with debt, a common issue they discuss is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not discharge all debt. Debt from student loans and alimony, for example, will not be affected by bankruptcy. Medical bills and credit card debt, however, generally can be reduced or...

Why Debt Consolidation?

People with many different kinds of debt sometimes consolidate it into one central location. The individual borrows the total amount of money from one lender and uses the funds to pay off all the other smaller debts. Popular sources of consolidation loans include credit card balance transfers, home