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How to Drill a Hole in Cultured Marble for a Faucet

Cultured marble is a cast polymer made of resins and a blend of powdered marble. It is a dense, non-porous alternative to natural stone bathroom counters and provides a durable surface that requires simple care. Many cultured marble counter tops include faucet holes pre-drilled in one of the standar

Video: How to Decorate a Foam Tiara

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Linda Hutchinson. Today I'm going to show you how to decorate a foam tiara. Many little girls like to play dress up for parties or just to play with their friends and it's very simple to make a foam tiara, out of craft foam that you can buy by the sheets in a...

Instructions for a Drinking Bird

The drinking bird is often incorrectly called a perpetual motion device. It is a heat engine toy used for scientific demonstrations to convert heat energy and perform mechanical work. Originally invented by Miles V. Sullivan, the drinking bird was co-developed by an inventor-scientist George H. Shac

How to Cover the Inside of a Canvas Bag With Fabric

If you are tired of your things getting caught on the inside of your canvas bag, you can add a lining to cover the problem. You have canvas bags for grocery shopping, going to the mall, going to the beach and even for carrying your craft projects with you. Most canvas bags have little style and need

How to Make a Cross-Stitch Corner-Style Bookmark

Every reader needs a bookmark. A corner book mark fits over the top side of a page and is easier to keep track of than a slip of cardboard or paper. You can design your own cross-stitch pattern for a corner-style bookmark. These can be made for gifts and craft-sale items.

How to Easily Make Doll Boots

When a person makes or collects dolls, finding the right clothing, shoes and accessories is time-consuming. If the doll is handmade, finding boots that fit is almost impossible. Handmade dolls usually require handmade boots and clothing. Making a pair of boots for a doll takes a little bit of time,

How to Color Fabric With Crayons

Crayon coloring on fabric is a craft that has occupied children and adults alike for many decades. It is faster than embroidery and less expensive than textile paint. It uses items that most households already have at hand or are easily obtained. This craft is usually reserved for quilts or other

How to Talk Like a Pirate

Ye all know 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' is September 19. Ye may have the patch over yer eye and a parrot on yer shoulder, but be ye no real pirate if ye can't talk the talk. And be ye forewarned: land-lubbing imposters will be made to walk the plank, so ye best get practicin'. Yargh!

What Do the Stamps Mean on Jewelry?

Jewelry hallmarking, or "stamping" was created as a way to notify buyers of the purity level of the gold or silver they are purchasing to prevent unscrupulous merchants from claiming that their gold or silver was more valuable than it really was. Other stamps are used to denote jewelry designers and

Instructions for a Quilt Made of Neckties

Neckties are not as popular an item as they once were. In 2010, "dress-down Fridays" and "business-casual" are accepted terms, not only in business but also in social situations. With the demise of neckties, find them more and more at garage sales, flea markets and consignment shops. They are especi

Craft Festivals Around Orlando

A variety of handmade crafts can be found at many annual Orlando, Fla. craft fairs.pomaire craft image by enens from Fotolia.comSituated in central Florida, about an hour from the Atlantic seaboard, Orlando serves as home to Disney World, Discovery Park, Epcot Center, and Universal...

History of Venetian Glass Beads

Venetian glass beads set the standards by which all glass beads are still judged. Known for their superior quality and beauty, the ornate designs of the ancient beads are unmatched even by modern methods and craftsmen.

How to Paint Your Air Rifle Camouflage

You can paint an air rifle a camouflage pattern using the same techniques and tools that you would use for refinishing a conventional firearm. When deciding on which colors to paint on your air gun, you have a wide selection of gun paints to choose from. The pattern of camouflage is limited only by

How to Make the Words in "RuneScape" Different Colors

Players of the online game "RuneScape" have a unique challenge when communicating. With many friends and clan members playing, or when in a large crowd, it can get quite confusing keeping track of clan chat, friend chat, public chat and whispers. Changing the chat colors and effects can make communi

How to Do the Mystery Box Magic Trick

The mystery box is a magic trick featuring a magical matchstick box. One second the box is full of matches, then, before your eyes, the box is opened a second time to reveal that no matches remain. Just a few seconds later the box is full again. Although the trick may sound complicated, the construc

Mosquito Craft for Preschoolers

Mosquitoes are common annoying insects that like to stay around damp areas. When teaching preschoolers about the pesky insects, allow them to participate in hands-on mosquito crafts. Hands-on crafts build fine motor skills in young children, as well as giving them a better idea of what the insects l

How to Remove a Crease From a Cardstock Book Cover

It can be very frustrating when an accident puts a seemingly indelible crease in the cardstock cover of a book, but it's possible that the damage isn't irreparable. If a crease has ruined the sentimental value of a book intended or given as a gift for example, you may be able to soak the cardstock t

How to Convert a Bicycle Into a Tricycle or Trike

It's easy to convert a bicycle into a tricycle. Although there are various reasons why someone would want to convert the bike into a trike, tricycles can be effortlessly equipped with practically any side item you'd ever need. Bike riders can convert their bikes into trikes by either paying a bike m

How to Install a USB for the Dance Pad Driver for Stepmania

Stepmania is a game that uses a dance pad to record the steps on the game. If you would like to use the Stepmania dance pad for different systems such as Xbox or your computer, you will need to download the proper drivers so your system will recognize the dance pad. Once you download the drivers for