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The Do This, Get That Guide On Scandi Divers

Located on the beautiful tropical island of Mindoro, about 150 kilometers ( 90 miles) - South of Manila in the Philippines, far from the noise and smog of the big cities is Scandi Divers, one of the best Puerto Galera Dive resorts here.An island paradise, Mindoro is one of the last tropical islan

How to Make a Quilting Loom

While there are several expensive quilt frames for purchase either online or by mail order, you don't have to invest a lot to make a quilting loom. With a quilt frame made from PVC pipe, you can enjoy the ease of getting your quilt off your lap while paying considerably less for the loom. An easy lo

How to Make a Hand Fan Template

Paper fans are popular toys for children. They are also popular party favors and are often given away at garden parties or weddings to help keep guests cool in warm weather. Making a paper fan from a template is an easy project that can be economical as well. Simple card stock and embellishmen

Ocean Crafts With Recycled Materials

The ocean is a mysterious and intriguing place to children and grown-ups alike. Sadly, Earth's waters are often polluted with recyclable materials that end up in the oceans and on shores around the world. Help reduce water pollution in an enjoyable way by celebrating, recreating and exploring the wo

Fancy Dresses for Kids

Inspiration, imagination and creativity are three elements needed when making fancy dresses for kids. Color scheme, fabric selection and embellishments are important components during design development. Taking time to sketch the fancy dress and choosing the theme narrows down the types of fabric an

How Temporary Tattoos Are Made

DefinitionA temporary tattoo is a type of decorative image applied to the skin for short periods of time. Temporary tattoos are considered a novelty item and are made through a process called screen-printing. Screen-printing involves creating an image on a special piece of paper that is...

How to Make a Single Color Friendship Bracelet With Yarn

Friendship bracelets are traditionally made by knotting colorful embroidery floss, yarn or other types of thread in unique patterns. The person who made the bracelet usually gives it to a dear friend as a sign of their shared friendship. Making a single-colored friendship bracelet with yarn with a t

How to Bind a Finished Hooked Rug

Making hooked rugs takes a lot of time and effort. Before using your work of art as a rug, make sure to put on the proper binding. Binding your hooked rug saves the edges of the rug from damage and the threads of the rug from pulling out. This one last step to finish your rug is definitely worth the

Easy Cub Scout Wood Projects

Jupiterimages/ ImagesWhether it is for the uniform, camping or the chance to spend time doing activities with others, boys join the Cub Scouts in packs. Through games and volunteering, Scouts perform projects as they move up through the ranks toward Boy Scouts. Cub Scouts...

How to Make an Outdoor Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath on the outside of your house can provide a beacon of merriment amid the bleak winter weather. Hanging a Christmas wreath on your door is a visible sign that you are joining others in celebrating the holiday season. You can purchase wreaths from florists or Christmas tree merchants

How to Size Rubber Stoppers

Rubber stoppers are frequently used to create an air- and fluid-proof seal in bottles, flasks and other containers. They are most commonly found in laboratories or industrial sites where the use of sensitive or possibly dangerous chemicals and compounds is necessary, though there are applications in

DIY: Kick Boat Platform

Kick boats are inflatable watercraft that are aptly named because of an opening in the bottom for your feet. Fishermen often wear swim fins to propel the boat when trolling or moving to another spot. Kick boats are typically small, with limited space for fishing gear or camping accessories. Outfitti

How to Make Fragrant Candles

Candles are functional and decorative, providing light, color and ambience to a room. The addition of fragrance to candles adds yet another element. Scented candles add to holiday celebrations, summon in new seasons and help you enjoy memories associated with different fragrances. You can buy fragra

Helium Tank Change Out Procedures

Safety should always be the first priority when working with compressed gases, including switching and transporting tanks. Helium is an inert gas, meaning it will not ignite or result in an explosion, but the weight of the cylinder and pressure of the gas can lead to injuries. Consult a supervisor o

How to Make X-Rays With Scotch Tape

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic energy, as is sunlight. Electromagnetic energy exists at different frequencies, and these frequencies correspond to different wavelengths. There is a range of frequencies that is visible, and these represent the visible spectrum. X-rays have a much shorter wavele

Tips for Making Silicone Rubber Molds

Silicone rubber is a widely used compound in mold-making and crafting. Movie studio prop makers, taxidermists and artists use the substance regularly. Silicone rubber can produce stunningly realistic molds if used properly. It can also create a huge mess if used incorrectly. Several tricks of the tr

How to Send Chinese New Year's Cards

Leave the Year of the Rabbit behind and welcome the Year of the Dragon on February 5, 2000 and the Year of Snake on January 24, 2001.

How to Walk in the "Black Mirror" Game

"Black Mirror" is a point-and-click PC adventure game that relies on a heavy, dark atmosphere and rigid storytelling. It has 150 locations and more than five hours of spoken dialogue. Unlike in more modern genres of video games, you do not directly control the player character. Instead, you point an

New York Museums That Have a Covered Wagon

Covered wagons are on display at museums in New York.WAGON image by SKYDIVECOP from Fotolia.comNew York museums offer a look back at how people in the 19th century traveled. Some museums even include examples of real covered wagons. Visiting a traditional or living New York museum gives...