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How to Turn on 3G

3G gives you the option of accessing telephone service, streaming video and music and Web browsing in a variety of areas. This lets you access the Web without having to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network. Enabling 3G on the device also drains the battery the device uses. Due to this fact, 3G is l

How to Synchronize Videos on iPod With iTunes

Certain members of Apple's iPod line of digital music devices, including the iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod touch, are also capable of playing video files. To get videos onto your iPod, you must adjust your synchronization settings in the iTunes application. After that, iTunes will transfer all of

My Apple iPod Touch Is Stuck With the iTunes Picture

The iTunes icon usually means your iPod touch needs to connect to iTunes. If there is an image of a USB cable below the iTunes icon, this means you need to connect for the setup and initial sync process. If the icon says "Please connect to iTunes," it may indicate an error with your iPod touch softw

How to Connect iPod Charger to Stock Radio

Certain models of Apple iPod car chargers also act as FM transmitters. The FM transmitter functionality of these devices allows you to connect your iPod to any stock FM radio in any car. Using an FM transmitter, you can listen to your favorite songs or audio books on your iPod via a car stereo.

iPod Nano Not Charging in Docking Station

Docking stations for the iPod nano are sold through Apple and through third parties. They hold and charge your iPod nano, and some of them also contain speakers and an interface for playing music. They become almost like a CD player for your iPod. There are a few reasons your iPod nano might not be

How to Uninstall Apps With Windows Mobile

If you installed applications on your Windows Mobile phone that you no longer want, you can quickly remove them. Uninstalling programs from a Windows Mobile phone is similar to how programs are removed from a Windows computer. Removing an application from Windows Mobile will permanently delete it an

How to Transfer Camera Rolls From an iPhone

In the past, transferring images from your camera roll to the iPhone required connecting the iPhone to your computer and importing them through a photo manager. With the iOS 4 software, your iPhone now allows you to share multiple photos from your camera roll to anyone through email or as an MMS (Mu

How to Remove iPod Skins

There are hundreds of iPod skins available to give an iPod a customized look. They generally are designed to fit the digital music player very snugly, so it stays intact while being jostled around in bags or pockets. However, that does not mean that once a skin is applied, it is a permanent fixture

How to Install a SIM Card in an iPhone 2G

The iPhone 2G is the original iPhone, introduced in 2007 by Apple Corporation. Like many other phones, the iPhone uses a standard SIM card. Unlike other phones, the battery does not have to be removed when inserting/removing a SIM card (the iPhone's battery is internal). Apple's iPhone has a specifi

How to Use the iPhone With Windows XP 64 Bits

Syncing an iPhone to a computer running Windows XP is as easy as installing iTunes to the computer. Syncing the iPhone is important to keep all music and applications in case the phone crashes, gets broken or gets lost. When it is synced to a computer running iTunes, all information is also stored

How to Sign Out From Your Email on an iPhone

Every Apple iPhone comes with the Mail application preinstalled. This application lets your receive emails on your iPhone device in real time, all the time. Sometimes, however, you might want to log out of your email account so that you do not receive a constant barrage of emails. You can do so on t

How to Get Media Messages on Your Straight Talk Phone

Straight Talk is a month-to-month, contract-free phone plan. Straight Talk plans include the same features as contracted cell phone providers, including the receiving of media mail messages. Media messages include photo, audio and video messages sent like text messages. Some plans may restrict the n

How to Connect a 3rd Generation Apple iPod Shuffle to a Bose SoundDock

The Apple iPod Shuffle third generation is a condensed version of the larger iPod. It does not have a built-in LCD screen and you are only able to play songs in either the order the files are uploaded or in a random mode. The Shuffle also has a different dock type so if you want to attach it to any

How to Customize the Home Page for Mobile Web 2.0

Verizon is the leader in home telephone, Internet and wireless cell phone service, according to the Verizon Wireless website. On July 1, 2004, Verizon Wireless launched Mobile Web 2.0. This application allows you to access news, weather, entertainment and email. The Mobile Web 2.0 homepage updates t

How to Back Up an iPhone to a Remote Computer

If you are an iPhone owner, the prospect of losing all of the data stored on your iPhone can be quite alarming. Not only does the phone contain all your music and media, as any iPod device would, but it also contains your contacts, notes, calendar items, applications, settings, and so on. Having to

How to Put Videos on Your New 8Gb Nano

The iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music by allowing us to take thousands of our favorite songs with us without taking up a lot of space. New iPods---including the eight-gigabyte Nano---allows that convenience to carry over to our favorite movies, TV shows and music videos. The eight-g

How to Put a PDF on an iPhone

Placing a PDF onto your iPhone is a great idea if you need to read on the go. Perhaps you are a student and are given an assignment to read a few articles for class or simply would enjoy reading a few novels that you have in a PDF format. Whatever your reason, know that placing a PDF onto your iPhon

How to Sync iPhone Numbers

The iPhone multimedia smartphone allows you to sync and update songs, photos, apps, videos and contacts from the iTunes application. The phone comes with a USB cable that is used to attach the device to a computer. ITunes is free software that is used to manage and upload content from the program to