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Ball Dresses and Ball Gowns - How to Choose the Dress That's Perfect for You

The School Ball is without a doubt the biggest social event on the high school calendar. It's the night of nights, a night to celebrate and create life long memories. For most girls what they are going to wear is their highest priority so the search for the perfect dress begins. There are many

The Perfect Prom

This article will discuss how to decorate so that your prom is even more than perfect. It will also discuss the specific parts of prom that make it a night to remember.

Different Prom Favors For Different Kinds of Proms

None of these items are meant to promote under age drinking. They are simply great decorations and prom party favors. Plus you can uses these glasses to drink anything out of. If you want to pretend you can always drinking virgin daiquiris and margaritas. Let prom be fun with stunning customized pro

Making Goodbyes Easier - How to Handle Saying Goodbye to Your Child

Sometimes when you have to take your child away to school, nursery or some other place, he or she may act up because it does not know where you are going. This article goes into what you can do to handle child stress when leaving them for a few hours.

Help Your Children Become Confident Readers

Parents play an important role in supporting the reading development of their children which begins when the children are very small. If we make sure that reading is valued in the family, we increase our chances of ensuring that our children grow up as forever readers for both learning and pleasure.

Magnetic Love Bugs For Your Love Bugs To Make

It is hard to find an activity that draws you closer to your children than sitting down and making a simple craft with them. Sometimes some of the simplest crafts are the ones that allow you to enjoy those special moments. Furthermore, your children will remember the time you took just for them in t

The Tricky Brain - A Look at Children and Self Esteem

There are 2 ways to get high self esteem: 1.Modeling - if your parents have it, then you will more than likely have it.2.Learn and practice high self esteem behavior.Thank goodness for number 2!

5 Best Kid's Apps For the iPad

If you are an Apple fan and already purchased your new iPad, it is only natural to want to share your excitement with your children. Here are 5 of the best kid's apps for the iPad.

Hotels near Garden City Collage Indranagar

Bangalore is the capital and largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. With a population of over 6 million, the city is the 3rd largest city in India and 27th largest city in the world.

Parenting Tips For Teens and Facebook - Maybe a Good Thing?

Everyone can use some parenting tips these days when struggling with the challenges of safely raising a teen in today's world of 24/7 access to everything, much of which is not always safe. Find out how this mother is guiding her teenage boy through a potential Facebook mine field and discover

Cyber Bullying - The High-Tech Way to Harass

Remember the good old days when bullies were easy to identify? There were your typical types: the kid hanging out near the cafeteria waiting to steal your lunch money or the cool kids smoking in the bathroom waiting to give you a swirly when you walked in. It's no surprise that with the dawn of

Imagine If We Had More Kids Like This One

Anyone who reads the news regularly or who keeps up with current events, knows that the country is in deep trouble. Unrelenting fiscal debt, staggering unemployment figures, and consumer confidence levels that have not been this low since the Great Depression. So it is heartening when I read in the

Seasons of Love

On January 29, Bella celebrated her 8th birthday. Every year I am amazed about how much she has been through and achieved in her short time on earth. As any of you with special needs children know, there are many emotions you experience over the years with them.

Meet TX Singles

Are you serious about starting a new relationship online and finding a life partner? You should give Meet Texas Singles a try. It is a great established community of men and women in the following ...

Learn to Write With Unique Kids Games

As a teacher, I know the importance of games for kids. I also know how hard it is to come up with games that kids like to do. However, it can be easier than you think, especially when it comes to writing games. Writing is everywhere and you can do it wherever you go.

Child Safety Guides

Accidents are found to be the leading cause of death in children. Furthermore, there are basically four major causes of accidental deaths. Your child safety guides therefore, should contain materials relating to water safety, traffic safety, fire safety, and gun safety.

Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone

At last, the moment that kids have been anticipating for months has finally come and gone. All over the country kids have been planning what they'll do, what to write on their lists and what treats will be in store for them at the end of it all.

Teen Summer Camps

Teen summer camps are the best thing you can do for your teenage child who is looking to be treated as more of an adult.

The Must Have Essentials For Every Kid's Wardrobe

It can be hard to find the right essentials for your kids wardrobe. From baby clothes to tween clothing, we've made a list of the must-have items which will take them from one season to the next.

Concept Behind Legos For Girls

The concept behind the Lego building blocks is to harness the creative power of kids. Children have a lot of imagination but they do not have the means to express it fully. Through Lego, they can build virtually anything.