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Legos For Girls - Part 2

Does the caption make you do a double take? The reaction is understandable. The popular perception about Lego toys is that they are boy's toys.

An Intelligent Toy - The Wooden Train

Toy trains are one of the most intelligent toys that a parent can give to his kids. It is a very good choice for substituting those stupid action figure things and robots.

How to Stop Your Child From Misbehaving

Educating your child is a very long process and it involves a lot of hard effort and tactics. You can't change your child's behavior overnight. In order to develop your child to be an all rounded person with good behavior, you need to apply the right strategy. If you are currently having b

Facial Palsy from Lyme Disease

Did you know that Lyme disease can cause facial palsy? Picture gallery of Lyme disease facial palsy and more.

How to Know If You Are Being Bullied

Being bullied can be a horrible thing. When the kids around you seem to make fool of you on a regular basis and you don't feel comfortable going to school, chances are that you are being bullied. I often get asked how to know if you're being bullied or not.

Treehouses - A Child's Fantasy Play Space

The pinnacle of any childhood fantasy is a glorious treehouse. To a young child it is a fortress in the sky and a fantasy paradise that will keep them safe from monsters, turn them into a mythical creature or act as the launch control module for a very dangerous mission to space. It is, for any chil

How to Brainstorm Your Best College Application Essay

"Should I write about my grandmother? What about my experience being team captain?" These are examples of the questions I've heard year after year as my students get ready to write their college application essays.

Many Teen Boys View Pregnancy as Inevitable

A new study shows that 75% of sexually active teenage boys said they had no plans for pregnancy, but 56% said there was at least some chance they might get someone pregnant.

Top 10 Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

It's easy to be overwhelmed on what to put on your baby registry. Here is a list of the items you may think you need, but you really don't.

Children's Talent Search

Children of all ages nationwide are earning millions of rupees each year by showing their talents in their respective fields. If you child is talented in a particular field like dancing, singing, or acting and is interested in becoming a star then he or she can participate in the children's tal

A Guide to Go Karts for Kids

Driving go karts is one of the most enjoyable hobbies imaginable. If you have kids who you struggle to motivate to get off the couch, buying them a go kart is one of the best ways to accomplish this feat. However, many parents are kind of clueless when it comes to buying a go kart for their children

Internet Safety Tips For Teens

With more and more people getting online everyday by the thousands, safety precautions become all so important. Especially for teens, as the internet use has become so prevalent with them. Teens love to use them to talk to their friends and chat and make new ones.

Development of the Child in the Game

Have you ever listened to and watched children playing? The child for a few minutes or hours have become shipwrecked, parents or police. As they seem absorbed in their games. The objects that surround them sometimes turn into a telescope, sometimes sword. They play the main role of a story invented

Halloween Costume Ideas - Hot New Costumes

Some tend to like a sexy costume, but then I wouldn't want my teen daughter to wear anything so provocative. In this day and age Halloween outfits are abundant in many sizes, shapes, colors and characters.

How a Parent Can Take Control of Their Kid's Health

Parental control and family activity are the best ways of keeping your child happy and healthy. Children really will only crave bad foods and want to sit in front of the TV all day because they don't know any better. By teaching them a healthy lifestyle, you can improve their health and fitness

How to Encourage Kids and Teens to Tidy Their Bedroom

Rather than having toys in boxes around the room, buying a piece of bedroom furniture like a cabin bed will appeal to a wide audience as this is especially designed with children in mind. There are a number of drawers and storage shelves, together with the added excitement of sitting underneath your

Websites For Children

Pretty much the whole world is on the internet. With many user friendly sites being available and a computer in nearly every household, the parents, the children and even the pets are online. This article discusses the world wide web for children.

Introducing Good Luck Charlie - The Next Disney Hit Show

"Good Luck Charlie" is yet another growing success from the Disney brains trust, which stars Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan, the main protagonist of the show. The show is about how the Duncans welcome the birth of their fourth child, "Charlie" into the family, and the various ad