Smart Goal Setting - Accountability Will Greatly Enhance the Speed in Which You Reach Your Goals

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One of the most important steps to being successful in any endeavor is smart goal setting.
Whether it's long term goals or intermediate goals, or even weekly and daily goals, they undoubtedly are the stepping stones to success.
Anyone who wants to step out and make his or her dreams come true will not get very far without a strategy, a plan to follow.
It is said that a goal is a dream with a deadline, so each goal we achieve takes us one inch nearer to that dream we have in our heart.
Although this is plain common sense, most endeavors fail in this area.
Most people have no trouble planning their strategy to success.
Any good course or mentoring program will give the necessary knowledge to do that.
The problem lies in really achieving our goals in the time frame we planned to reach them.
Distractions, procrastination and daily unforeseen obstacles are the reasons why we never get to where we want to go.
And suddenly we stand there and realize that we have hardly moved an inch since we started to pursue that dream.
Frustration and discouragement can eventually lead us to abort the entire project and settle for less in our lives.
We have to understand that success is not an entitlement.
It will take effort, time and a lot of hard work to achieve it.
But there is help at hand: A good friend or a mentor you choose to be accountable to.
This will catapult you forward like nothing else can.
If you force yourself to be accountable to that person, you will always reach your goals in the right time.
Furthermore they can assist you in your development with a wise counsel or suggestion and improve your goal reaching speed even more.
Three Key Steps to Successful Accountability:
  • Write down everything you want to achieve together with your accountability partner for one whole week.
    Don't plan too much.
    In the beginning it is better to have smaller goals and be successful at reaching them, than planning too much and experiencing failure instead.
  • Break up each weekly goalinto smaller steps and plan to achieve one of these daily.
    Before doing anything else each day, force yourself to accomplish that one little step.
    This will automatically lead you to accomplish a small part of the big goal.
    One small action done consistently has a way of expanding on its own.
  • Meet with your accountability partner again each week.
    Tell him what you have achieved and analyze why you did not accomplish some things.
    This will help you improve your goal setting for the next week.

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