Custom Wristbands Tell A Story, Raise Awareness And Funds

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From the most colorful, fanciful design to the most basic silicone bracelet, custom wristbands are available to promote virtually any cause or organization. No matter what your organization's particular needs or budget concerns, there's a style of silicone wristbands that will get your message out to the world. Whether debossed, embossed, silk screened, multi-colored or debossed painted, you're sure to find custom wristbands that will perfectly suit your needs.  

The most basic style for custom wristbands is the debossed wristband, which also is the most popular. This is the style made famous by the yellow "Livestrong" band created to raise money for cancer research. The lettering is molded into the silicone of the custom wristbands, with the message indented below the surface of the bands.

These classic debossed custom wristbands are the classic style that kicked off the wristband trend. Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong and Nike introduced the Livestrong band in 2004, following Armstrong's successful battle with cancer and six of his seven Tour de France victories. The yellow custom wristband quickly became a worldwide sensation and raised millions of dollars for cancer research worldwide. Since then, other organizations have introduced their own custom wristbands in many different colors as a tool to raise funds and increase awareness of social causes.

Embossed custom wristbands are basically the reverse of the debossed bands. The embossed wristbands raise the lettering above the surface of the bands, making it stand out more visibly. Compared with the standard debossed custom wristband, the message or logo stands out much more distinctly.

Debossed painted custom wristbands offer a really bold message that's impossible to miss. This style fills in the lettering of the standard debossed wristband with color to produce a vivid, distinctive message. The bright colors are particularly popular for team and school custom wristbands. Students will respond positively to the colorful message.

If you want to stand out in a different way, try using color in the custom wristbands themselves, not just the lettering. If you want a one of a kind look that's guaranteed to be truly unique to your organization, swirled wristbands are guaranteed to be a great choice.

You can still have multiple colors in your custom wristbands if you're not quite bold enough for swirled bands. Segmented custom wristbands feature block-style colors adjacent to each other, with no mixing of colors. These bands are the ideal ones for sports teams and school colors.

Silk screen printed custom wristbands are the answer if you need to reproduce a company logo, symbol or other design exactly as it is rendered elsewhere. The design can be printed on the flat surface of the wristband precisely as it should look. However, because it is not actually molded into the silicone, the message will not be as durable as it would be on either debossed or embossed custom wristbands.

No matter what cause or organization you support, custom wristbands can be found in styles that are perfect to increase public awareness and raise funds for virtually any group, team, business or organization.

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