How to Replace Rear Disc Brakes in a Mazda6

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    • 1). Loosen the lug nuts of the car's rear wheels using a torque wrench, but don't fully remove the wheels.

    • 2). Raise the vehicle off the ground using a car jack. Support the vehicle on all sides. Remove the lug nuts completely and take off the rear wheels.

    • 3). Remove the parking cable clip. Take out the upper caliper bolt and turn the caliper so that it faces down.

    • 4). Take off the V-springs and rear disc brake pads. Separate the shims from the brake pads.

    • 5). Push the rear caliper pistons into the bores of the Mazda6. This requires the use of tool 49 FA18 602.

    • 6). Install the V-springs. Connect the new shims to the new brake pads. Install in the vehicle.

    • 7). Torque the caliper bolt using a torque wrench. For the basic Mazda 6 models, torque it 27 to 36 foot pounds. For the Mazda Speed 6 models, torque it 16 to 23 foot pounds. Replace the wheels.


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