Do You Ever Wonder What Sort of Business You"re Really In?

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I can hear some of you now: "I'm in the shoe business," or "I'm in the fashion business," or "I'm in the jewelery business" or whatever...
Well, I have news for you! You're not! You're in the marketing business.
For without marketing you don't have a business - period.
You can be the best at what you do and if you're in business you really should be, but if no one knows about you and what you can do for them, you won't have very many clients.
Let me illustrate with a short story.
You've probably all heard of IBM, the computer company.
IBM's started in the early 20th century as a company that made business machines - mainly typewriters (some of you can remember these!).
In the 50's and 60's, IBM started to reinvent itself into a computer hardware company.
But just not any computer company, THE COMPUTER COMPANY.
IBM decided on what market they were going for (Boards of Directors in blue chip organisations) and marketed heavily to them.
Their slogan became "You never got fired for buying IBM'.
To cut a long history short, they creamed the market even though technologically they were at least 10 years behind the competition.
Contrast this with Digital Equipment Corporation.
DEC started in 1959 as a technical company.
It made specialised computer equipment for a very technical market.
DEC didn't believe in overt marketing and sold stuff mainly to boffins in universities.
IBM went for blue chip organisations and sold at the top.
DEC went for universities and technical organisations and sold to the users.
Today IBM is the largest computer company in the world.
Both in hardware, software and services.
DEC no longer exists.
To those of us who've spent our lives in the computer industry, we knew that DEC offered the "better' solution in many cases.
However, IBM was the better marketeer and understood it's clients and gave them what they wanted most - INSURANCE and PEACE OF MIND! Okay, so what's the point here? Remember, your clients don't give a fig about what you do - they just care about what they get.
But they won't know you exist unless you market to them and let them know you exist.
No matter how big or small your organisation (you could be a one person band, or a multinational), you need to constantly market.
Marketing is the lifeblood that keeps prospects coming in the door.
Until you change your psychology to accept the fact that you are a marketer first, and a provider of whatever you sell second...
you'll never make the kind of money you want to make! This acceptance as your role of a marketer is paramount to changing the size of your bankbook and gaining a measure of success otherwise unattainable.
Let's face it, in any business - the best marketer wins! Period.
End of story.
So where to from here? You can do nothing, and your results will be what they've always been.
You can implement (if you don't already have one) a complete marketing strategy.
The keyword here is implement.

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