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For the last so often I ran away. No, not literally, just figuratively. In other words I turned tail, headed for the hills, flew the coop, bowed out, fell behind, disengaged, and withdrew.

The last two synonyms express it perfectly: I disengaged. I withdrew.

Sure, I had my reasons for withdrawing! Don't we all have our reasons when we quit something, even if only temporarily? After I wrote my reasons on an item of paper, I looked their way staring back at me in black and white, (yes, I really Attempt exercise and it REALLY works, I don't just coach my clients as such!)

Then I felt very foolish and weak, because my list seemed quite ridiculous and pathetic. Even the ones that looked like insurmountable mountains in my thoughts looked like common and easily brushed aside ant hills in the light of day on that sheet of paper!

All my BIG problems looked so very BIG and scary because I had keeping them in my head and in the dark where they could fill every nook and cranny of my very active mind with worry, fear, frustration, confusion and self-doubt.

Problems have a funny way of developing. They're a lot like rabbits!

But once I separated them, kept them apart, Applied to be able to stop the rampant procreation of my problems and begin dissecting and tackling them one-by-one!

As I said, after I wrote all my problems down on a piece of paper and looked at them, I actually laughed. Yes, a few selected things on my list of problems may not be insignificant, BUT, yet without solutions. Specially when I am so blessed to have so many those people who are able and prepared to help me!

For example, the week before Thanksgiving, my laptop died. I used to be working on it, stepped away a good hour or so, came back and voila, it was frozen. I got down to turn it off and reboot, but though I held the OFF button down firmly for an extended period, it didn't switch off.

Mind you, this had been not the start to my problems, but instead some very undesirable and bitter icing on a easy that had been going rotten for weeks by that period! After a trip to the store where I purchased the computer, I was told that the mother board had died. i needed to send it back for the manufacturer (yes, I'd bought the warranty amen a small, silver lining!) and that it would be 2-3 weeks before it may possibly repaired and returned to me.

Aaaahhhhlife goes found on. I've resurrected my old desktop and I'm hobbling along, slower, humbled again by technology, but grateful because I can communicate with so many because of it.

Due to mounting stress from my growing list of problems that were lining up successively like orderly children on the playground before school, I caught a doozy of a head cold two days before Thanksgiving. My famous last words to my friend who accepted my warm embrace despite warning me she had the sniffles were, Don't worry, I never become ill!

Over a week later, I am still coughing, blowing my nose constantly and feeling similar to sick pup.

So back to my listI wrote another list of problems. One that put my common cold promptly in perspectivealong with my computer problems, and everything else I have been grappling with over the past few months.

Here's the second list of problems I wrote, imagining another person, whom I hope and pray never to be!

My List of Reasons for Running Away from Life

Survived a tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, war, etc

Lost loved ones; and so on injured

May even need no family or friends left alive

Suffered severe physical trauma or disability

Lost home, furniture, clothing, all belongings

Have no water for bathing and little, if any, for drinking

Have no heat or air conditioning

No medical facilities to manage injuries and illness

Haven't eaten for days and no food in sight

Afraid to sleep at night for being nervous about pillagers

Have no communication with the outside world

Can't imagine how this hell might end

There are millions folks on the earth at this very moment with THIS list of problems. I'd totally understand if Folks wanted to run away from their lives! Wouldn't you want to run out of? The real problem isthey can't!

My problems, in comparison, are so insignificant as to be like just one particular star in the galaxy, much less the entire universe.

Many years ago, my brother-in-law reduced the problem set-up your working personal computer and handed me a card upon which he wrote a password that he'd made up for you. At the time, I was flattered by the username he chose for me: supermom, followed by some numerals.

Although he told me I could change it if I wanted, Enjoyed his choice for me. Certainly, I had always made an effort to be an excellent mom, especially after I became the only parent after my husband's death. However, I've visit equate to be a super mother with as being a super woman and the truth of the problem is, I'd rather not be any!

I am fallible. I'm limited. I will be wrong, confused, lonely, scared, overwhelmed, fed-up, tired and just plain, old sick!

And that doesn't mean that we are bad, worthless, careless, uncaring, over-the-hill or beyond payoff! It just means that I am human. I'm real. I'm limited and i am vulnerable.

But I am also resilient, determined, committed and still capable of great issues!

Somewhere in my past, I was sent this poem/prayer. This week, after a dear friend of mine (who REALLY had a sizable list) faced her list with incredible faith, I sent it to the actual. I think it came back into my consciousness both for her AND for me. Here it is; sorry I not really know who to attribute it toif anyone knows, please advise me, as it is a wonderful poem/prayer.

Whether you trust in God, Universe, Source, I think this will speak for you. May you be blessed with strength to persevere by your problems.

Life's Crosssroads

Sometimes we come to life's crossroads and view what adequate is the end,

But God has a substantially wider vision and God knows it's only a bend

The road will just do it get smoother, and after we've stopped for a rest,

The path that lies hidden beyond us is often the part that best,

So rest and relax and grow stronger

Let go and let God share your load,

And trust a brighter tomorrow

you've just come with a bend in the road.

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