Group Activities for Jr. High School Girls Dealing With Mean Girls

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    Write a Positive Thing in a Note

    • Have all of the girls write something nice about about the other girls in the group in a note. Then read all of the notes aloud. This is a great self-esteem building activity. Not only will it help the less popular girls realize their value, but it will also help all the girls discover that there is something good about everyone. The exercise should give them the skills and courage to verbalize good things about other people.

    Make Pen Pals for the Girls

    • Pair the girls up in couples. Instruct the girls to write letters to each other on a weekly basis. Read the letters before the girls make the switch to make sure only positive things were written. If the girls wrote negative things in their letters, make them rewrite them. This will give the girls the opportunity to get to know each other in a non-threatening way. It will also give you the chance to monitor their interaction with each other.

    Play a Game

    • Sports are always a great team-building activity for any middle school students. Split the girls up into two groups and have them play a game of soccer or some other group sport. After the game is over have everyone share ice cream together. This will build friendship between the teams. Make sure you put mean girls and nice girls on the same team. Make best friends go on different teams. These games will help the girls bond with each other.

    Mediate a Group Conversation

    • Have the girls talk to each other in a group. Each girl should talk at least a little in this open forum. They can talk about anything they want to as long as it isn't negative. Most middle school girls need to express themselves in a safe environment. A group conversation will help the girls learn how communicate and interact with each other in a safe space.


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