Types Of Resell Or Resale Rights E-books

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There was once when I asked this very question, after crawling the internet and finding the answers, I decided to write this short article basically describing what I've learnt. So here I am, spreading the message...

Resell Rights E-books are e-books which you can buy with a license or in other words, buy with permission to sell the e-book on to other customers. There are different types of resell rights packages you can go for; here is some that I've come across:

Plain old Resell Rights, this is when the seller will give you permission to resell the e-book on to others and keep all the profits. You are not aloud to alter the e-book in any way. You can check it form www.ebook-creation-toolkit.com
Master Resell Rights aka MRR, this is when the seller will give you permission to sell the e-book as you did with the resell rights package and also sell the e-book with resell rights or sometimes Master Resell Rights. Although you are still not able to alter the content in any form.
Next on the list we have Private Label Rights aka PLR, this is different again and is probably the best type of overall package. You have all the same options as a Master Resell Rights seller plus the great advantage of altering the content. You can do whatever you want with this type of package; you can basically put your name on it and call it your own.

Buying Resell Rights E-books can be very beneficial to both parties involved. In the Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights packages both the author and seller can create income, the seller by directly selling the product and the author who will have Affiliate links or more of his/hers products embedded within the e-book. This is a form of Viral Marketing, but that's another discussion.

Then comes the PLR e-books, these products can be very useful if used correctly. With these e-books you can basically just rename it, stick your name on the cover and sell it as your own. Although I would not recommend doing this, what you are best doing is breaking it down and changing most of the content, really making it your own piece of work. you can also go to www.make-your-ebook-sell.com The possibilities when using PLR e-books are quite long and that would just keep me writing forever...loll

Well, I'll not keep you any longer I just hope that I've answered some of your questions about Resell Rights E-books.

Dave Rodgers

what are Resell or Resale Rights E-books?

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