The 2 Sides of Violence

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Violence is a 2-sided coin.
The act of violence is not evil in and of itself.
What makes it so (or not so) is the intent with which it is employed.
In one person's hands, a person using violence as a tool of malice and intimidation - desiring to cause harm to an undeserving victim - violence is the epitome of evil.
However, when that victim chooses to use violence (and sometimes even fatally so) to protect himself, he is using it as a survival tool and nothing more.
There is no moral value in this; it is simply a logical choice.
I am not saying that emotions will not be present during a violent encounter, as they most certainly will.
But the choice to react violently to an attacker is amoral.
Neither good nor bad - just necessary.
It could be argued that it is "good" to use extreme violence in self-defense.
I would agree, as long as "good" in this sense doesn't mean morally good.
I agree that it is a "good" choice in that it is the wisest and most expedient course of action for self-preservation.
In the Hybrid Fighting Method, we teach that it is critical to use violence as a survival tool when the need arises.
It isn't pretty, but when your life is on the line, violence is a valuable means to an end - the end being escaping with your life in tact.
Violence is hardly ever the answer to a problem, but as the victim of a violent attack, it may be your only solution.
In fact, in some cases, it is guaranteed to be the ONLY solution.

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