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    • In ancient Greece, it was widely believed that those who carried or wore flowers were protected from evil by the blooms' fragrances. Originally, the word "corsage" referred to the bodice of a dress. As decoration, women would actually wear a small arrangement of flowers around their decolletage at the top of the bodice, or corsage. While the placement of the flowers has changed, the word for a small, wearable bouquet has stayed the same. Today, corsages are worn during formal occasions.


    • There are many different types of flowers, each with its own traditional meaning--for example, red roses represent passionate love and white roses stand for purity--that can be incorporated into the corsage. Alternately, the colors of the flowers can merely accent an outfit, or a person may simply prefer certain blooms.


    • A fashion accessory, corsages are used to make a person of honor stand out. Instead of a large bouquet of flowers, these smaller arrangements are easily portable. Worn throughout an event, such as a wedding, prom, funeral or luncheon, a corsage draws attention to the wearer and signifies that person's importance at the event.


    • A corsage can be one single flower, a bud with additional foliage to fill it out or even a number of small blooms, arranged to create a small bouquet. Any kind of flower that holds up well and doesn't quickly wilt can be used. The stems are bound with green floral tape, through which a large pin can be inserted to fasten the corsage to a dress or jacket. Wrist corsages are larger arrangements that include more flowers. Two or three loops of elastic or fabric are used with this type of corsage in order to secure it to the wrist.


    • For women, corsage placement is dependent on personal preference. Wrist corsages that easily slip on the arm are popular with young girls, especially for high school dances and proms. For other formal events, such as weddings or special dinners, a corsage can be pinned to a woman's outfit at the shoulder or lower, toward the decolletage. Men wear a type of corsage called a boutonniere, which is a single bloom or a small cluster of flowers worn pinned to the left-side lapel of a formal jacket.


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