Parent"s Guide to Raising a Good Child

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Supplies A spool of fine-gage black wire (approximately 22 gage) You can find this in the floral section of your local craft store Wire cutters or strong scissors Votive candle Directions 1.
Cut twelve 12" lengths of wire.
Place 4 of the lengths side by side and lightly twist them, just until they hold together in a loose "rope.
" Repeat this process three times, until you have four ropes.
Place the four ropes side by side and bind them together by taking the end of the wire still on your spool and wrapping it tightly around the center of your bundle of ropes.
Continue wrapping wire around the center of your bundle until it is secure.
Now wrap the wire around in larger, loose circles to form a messy wire ball (approx 1" - 2" diameter).
This ball is your spider's body and the four ropes sticking out on each side of the ball are his legs.
Arrange his legs by twisting and bending them until the spider stands on his own.
Place a lit votive in front of your creepy new friend and watch his shadow dance in the flickering light.
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