Environmental Psychology Schools

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    • Few universities offer environmental psychology programs.school image by dinostock from Fotolia.com

      Environmental psychology is the study of the relationship between human behavior and human environments. The study of environmental psychology helps professionals in design, such as urban planners, architects and interior designers, to improve human environments at both the micro and macro levels. Courses in environmental psychology teach students how to make spaces more livable and effective.

    Humboldt State University

    • Humboldt State University is a school that offers an option in social and environmental psychology as a fifth-year master's degree program. A fifth-year master's degree is one that is designed to begin during the student's senior undergraduate year and continue for one additional year after the student has earned a bachelor's degree. Upon completion, students earn a Master of Arts degree and are prepared to enter the workforce in an environmental field or continue studies to pursue a doctoral degree. Required courses include environmental psychology, advanced statistics, advanced social psychology and a graduate teaching internship.

      Humboldt State University

      1 Harpst St.

      Arcata, CA 95521



    City University of New York

    • The City University of New York offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in psychology with a subprogram in environmental psychology. The focus of the subprogram is the relationships between people and their environments. Coursework addresses the "social, cultural, psychological and political issues involved in the production, use, design, and occupation of space, place, and nature." During the first year, students build a foundation in theory, methods and skills; students also participate in research and group work. During the second year, students take the first doctoral examination and begin taking elective courses. Courses include interdisciplinary perspectives, ecological psychology, social and cultural theories, and methods and ethics.

      City University of New York

      The Graduate Center

      365 Fifth Ave.

      New York, NY 10016



    Cornell University

    • Cornell University offers graduate-level studies in environmental psychology as well as human factors and ergonomics. Upon completion of this program, students will have earned a Master of Science degree in human environment relations. The idea behind this major is that research based in the social sciences contributes to the planning, designing and managing of environments that enhance organizational and individual effectiveness. The three concentration areas within this program are faculty planning and management, applied research in human environment relations, and human factors and ergonomics. Courses include an introduction to human environment relations, planning and managing the workplace, and environment and social behavior.

      Cornell University

      Ithaca, NY 14853




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