Situation Requiring Short-Term Auto Insurance & its Benefits

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Auto Insurance Need & Solutions

No doubt buying a car is exciting event! But there is necessity of buying insurance also to provide security of the asset, exposed to multiple kinds of risks like: sustaining or causing damage due to accident or getting stolen from a parking place.

It is not necessary that the insurance policy is permanent, since there is provision of short term auto insurance policy for required period, which meets the legal provisions requiring insurance coverage. It has limited use when the car is purchased for self use or in situations requiring driving of vehicle not owned by the driver for some days or weeks requiring insurance coverage of short term.

Depending upon the kind of use of the vehicle, there are short term policies having variations in them the most popular of which is for rental vehicles.

Situations Causing Necessity of Short Term Auto Insurance Policy:

The basic necessity is of providing insurance cover against diverse losses risk. Moreover in all the states there is legal obligation to provide insurance for the car irrespective, whether it is to be driven by self or some one else shall be driving the vehicle.

In case there is likelihood that the vehicle shall not be driven for a long time, it is appropriate to consider this policy. It is surprising that this policy has large number of variations and it can provide cover even for a single day up to period of 6 months.

People find great flexibility and prefer availing this insurance, if they are supposed to drive some one else's vehicle and this policy assures protection from accidental losses to the vehicle or loss to 3rd parties. These policies are not having an expensive price tag, hence are most preferred at the opportunity arising for requirement of such a policy.

The turbulence in nature is very unpredictable leading to hurricanes and tornados or floods and storms, resulting in destruction and damages of varied nature. Vehicles parked in open can be subjected to extensive damage by falling of lofty tea branches on them. In case the vehicle has valid short term insurance policy, damages caused by natural calamities can be claimed and is a help in getting the vehicle repaired.

Locating Companies Offering Short-Term Insurance Policy:

The first basic step is the confirmation, whether such a policy has sanction of the state regulations governing auto insurance or not.

After determining the legal status of this policy in the state, next step is approaching various insurance companies for getting their insurance quotes for making their comparison and decide which company offers best short term policy quote and is economically priced.

Going by the present auto insurance scenario, there are large numbers of websites having the service of providing comparative short term auto insurance quote?

Insurance Company Queries:

The insurance companies require certain questions to be answered, before any progress is made in the direction of getting a quote. The insurance companies need to decide which of their policy is most suitable? For offering their quotes accordingly, because the standard policy normally does not satisfy the particular insurance cover need for a vehicle not belonging to driver seeking insurance cover.

It is necessary to tell the insurance company the make and model of the car for which short term insurance is being sought.

The Terms & Conditions of Short-Term Auto Insurance Policy:

1. Firstly this type of auto insurance cover is not available in all the states.

2. The type of insurance suitable to be granted depends on the individual case to case.

3. There are some terms and conditions that are essential to be considered before the person can finally secure a short term insurance policy. It may be offering comprehensive risk cover or only liability risk cover,

4. The basic reason for issue of short term policy shall determine the applicable terms and conditions.


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