Clarity of Purpose - Why Do I Need It?

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Whomever nicknamed the internet the "Information Highway" really hit the nail on the head, as the saying goes.
It is extremely easy to get "lost" in the sheer abundance of information to be had and become overwhelmed.
This is also known as "information overload" and can be a major pitfall.
Especially for the "newbie" network marketer.
Information overload leads to the danger of getting overwhelmed and losing your focus.
If you are going to succeed in this business, you MUST maintain your focus.
Unfortunately, losing your focus and getting lost in information overload is something I can speak to personally.
I also now know that the best way to avoid this pitfall is to clarify for yourself just what you want to accomplish by starting your own network marketing business.
This is often called your "WHY" and deserves VERY careful and in-depth self-analysis.
Why do YOU want your own online marketing business? Is it:
  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want?
  • The ability to work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection?
  • Enough income to replace your J.
  • Or, maybe you just want to supplement the income from your J.
  • Or, maybe, you are just looking for a hobby to fill your spare time?
  • These are all valid reasons for wanting to embark on your own online marketing career.
    The key here is your "WHY"--your " CLARITY OF PURPOSE".
    Be very clear about why YOU want a internet marketing career.
    This clarity of purpose is essential if you're going to keep the focus you must have to start and maintain your internet marketing career.
I can't stress this fact enough.
CLARITY OF PURPOSE IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS! Put another way, knowing EXACTLY WHY you want your own network marketing business/career will help you keep your focus.
Help you navigate your way through the myriad offers and distractions which will bombard you on an almost daily basis.
Focusing on your WHY will help you focus on your BUSINESS.
Therefore, your first step as you embark on your network marketing career is to find a quiet place, sit down, clear your mind of all distractions, and make a list of all your do's and don'ts to help you clarify your purpose - your "WHY" - for wanting to pursue this exciting network marketing adventure.
And, it can most definitely be an exciting adventure!!

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