Few Simple Rules For Your Online Auction Success

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Do you ever care about your online reputation? Well, if you don't, it's time you reconsider your standpoint.
Reputation is everything in online auctions.
It is based on how long you have been a member of that auction, but particularly your feedback score.
And guess what? ...
the more you bid or sell, the more your reputation is subject to change.
Here are several simple rules you have to follow in order to boost your reputation and improve your online visibility.
First of all, clarity and effective communication.
According to ebay, many of the bad feedback occur because of a lack of proper communication between buyer and seller.
Hence, make sure you manage your customer relationship in a properly manner.
The terms of sale are the most important aspect you should consider in this regard.
You should state them clearly, explaining the time and forms of payment, international shipping, free local pick-up, return and refund policies, etc.
If you state everything clearly in the beginning, you make sure that the buyer won't guess at any detail.
You should adhere to the three-element rule when listing items.
This implies: a) a detailed description; b) a clear photograph; c) and, finally, an effective headline.
Don't be ambiguous, but as honest as possible.
What about pictures? Well, try to imagine how poor an offer would appear without a visual element.
Clear and detailed photos of your items help you generate interest and curiosity.
Avoid the common mistakes to place washed-out or low-quality images.
Above all, follow the rule of posting enough pictures to properly show all the details - from every angle - that make your products interesting.
At a certain point, it will be time to set your price.
This is a hard task, as you need to offer a competitive price.
The best thing to do is to look for other similar items and make a reasonable average of what they're listed for.
If you want to sell at a fixed price, use the "Buy it Now" option.
Otherwise, it is recommendable to start with a very low price and no reserve.
Once your auction is online, make sure to develop a reasonable communication strategy.
This implies posting feedback and reply to emails promptly and in an agreeable manner.
Remember: always adhere to the terms of sale you establish initially!

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