Healthy Recipes For Summer - Do the Salsa

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Looking for the perfect Summer Salsa? You know, the one that all your guests just can't get enough of; and it keeps running out! Only to hear your guests keep asking "Can you give me that recipe?" Well, you came to the right place this time.
Here is one of my all time favorite salsa recipes that is everything you can ever want from salsa, and more! Fresh Homemade Tomato Salsa- Chop 1 white onion, 1 red tomato, and rinse 1/2 jar of jalapenos (rinsing gets a lot of the sodium off).
Mix together in a big bowl, sprinkling fresh cilantro to preferred taste.
For best taste, refrigerate overnight.
This is a simple recipe yet it tastes amazing! Enjoy.
Here are some of the many benefits of this Super-Healthy Salsa: * 2 tablespoons of salsa from the grocery can contain up to 400mg of sodium- my salsa contains very little sodium, under 80mg per 2 tablespoons.
Your doctor will love you for eating this! * Imagine eating 24 chips with grocery store salsa on them : that would come to roughly 6 tablespoons of salsa, or about 1,200mg sodium! That's 1/2 of the sodium you are allowed for an ENTIRE DAY! And- we didn't even calculate the chips.
Adding the chips weighs in well over 2,300mg sodium- so make sure you don't eat another morsel of food that day, or you are increasing your chances of high blood pressure.
With my salsa, you can stay under your 2,300mg allotment of sodium for the day! * Eating my salsa contains no additives or preservatives- and you can taste the difference as soon as you try it!

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