Easy Piano Collection For Novice Players

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Easy piano collection of music is a great way for novice piano players to become more proficient at playing the piano. This collection of easily played music lets players choose popular songs and play them in a simplified version, but the songs still sound like those the artist play.

If your goal is to play church music, you can find collections of hymns that do not require that you have the speed or play as many notes as the traditional hymns call for, yet they still sound like the hymns that you love.

Easy piano collection
of songs can also include some of the newest songs that are popular on the radio now. The advantage of this type music is that the student knows how the song should sound already. The simplified version gives the student or novice new confidence as he or she plays songs that other people recognize.

These song collections can be found in many music stores that are local to your town or be purchased online.

Once the player has mastered the easy version of the song he or she can then graduate to the sheet music for the same song and begin to add in the other notes that are required for the official version. This will add even more confidence to the player as they become more than a novice and graduate to a skilled piano player.

You can find these collections of easy piano music in many different genera of music. If you prefer classical, jazz, country or rock, you will find a collection that will fit your style.

Students will love these collections as they are songs that are familiar and not the standard teaching method songs that many students never hear other than in piano lessons. They may even inspire the student to practice without nagging.

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