Workaholism Causes And Treatment

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The work is undoubtedly one of the greatest privileges that have the human being to be useful to himself and to society, but when it is not done for the right reasons and in balance with other highly important human areas to have an adequate quality of life can become a dangerous enemy and a serious psychological condition known as work addiction or workaholism as it is known in the English language.

Workaholism is a desperate attachment to the labor activities and its causes or actually hides a series of psychopathological factors as: fear of loneliness, nonconformity taken to the extreme, escapism of an unfulfilled life in many ways, complex and this usually makes the worker takes refuge in an apparent and exaggerated good work performance which is certainly not as good as it looks many times and can cause serious consequences to physical, mental and emotional level in the life of any person occupationally helpful.

The addiction to the work far from being a quality of success its a slavery that spoils, exhausts and finishes with the mental, emotional and physical life of a person as well as his performance at work becomes prone to mistakes attention and appropriate relationships with any work team.

According to recent researchs a successful employee in any executive position works in average 8-16 hours daily, however the vast majority over 85% strive to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. This includes aspects such as spending time with family, rest, leave home, exercise, have spiritual life and spend time with friends.

However, in the case of workaholics the number of hours may increase significantly from 16-18 hours daily sacrificing all the above factors for a healthy life.

In the workaholic exists one or more emotional and social absences , so sharing family time, make new friends or frequent acquaintances is minimized. And there is in them a high sense of duty but taken to the extreme, since if they are not working or participating in conversations that do not include labor issues, the mood is very prone to depression, anger or anxiety.

In other articles we have shown that the human being is a unit of four key areas: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Each of these areas have separate needs that cannot be neglected and the result of creating this imbalance can seriously affect the other parties and ultimately threaten life itself.

Many people who are addict to work unconsciously take refuge in it because they think the recognition they get from their hard work helps other areas of their life that have been neglected or that have been abused, and money that this would generate little or a lot also serves to feel really valuable in a changing and accelerated society as the present.

At the beginning of this article we said that is valid work hard for the right reasons and it refers to meet job responsibilities with dedication, but for an intellectual, emotional and financial results in order to devote time to other areas of life that are fundamental in personal life as the fields: spiritual, familiar, social, mental development, rest and relaxation, etc.

According to T Harv Eker bestselling author of The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind money is extremely important in the areas in which it operates and extremely unimportant in those without. And this also applies to work because the money comes as a result of work.

By this we mean that while being a good worker is needed for a dignified life and earn enough money so it is, these two factors cannot replace or cover alone the four vital areas that make up the human being in this universe : spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

In the case of economic productivity for instance a workaholic not necessarily make much money for his dedication to the workplace, on the contrary many of them actually earn modest salaries and employers take advantage of this weakness to overload them of work and pay them with some praise and recognition but with little or without additional to the salary that was fixed between the parties at the moment of signing the employment contract.

It is necessary to bear in mind that if about economic productivity it treats itself, the big business owners and investors have clear that initially the worker must work intensely to achieve the initial capital that then will have to take the place of the worker represented in investments and labor lucrative activities that do not need very much the presence of the worker, so that increasingly the money works for the owner of the capital and with this it is liberated increasingly time to be used in other areas of the life.

Workaholism is seen most frequently in employees that in entrepreneurs although the latter if not delegate responsibility and want to be in charge of all aspects of their company or group of companies, will soon be caught in this psychological disease, with the same consequences for their life that must confront an employee.

To reduce labor slavery or workaholism there are several strategies, one of which is to focus on optimizing time and effort to be done primarily in work activities that bring more economic benefit for the company and for the pocket of the worker and delegate or reduce those which though necessary not provide significant economic achievements.

Lets look at three cases illustrating this concept well:

Administrative Employees

Even though the vast majority of workers that makes this type of work is not delegable especially when the position has no employees under his command, it can focus on running everyday tasks that streamline new or existing processes and postpone to spare time in those activities that do not meet this purpose.

Commercial Employees

In this case what counts is to make all daily activities that lead to a sale. As for new customers, this includes making phone calls to attract new businesses or individuals, plan visits to new customers, send e-mails, etc., and call the formers to offer new products or assess their level of satisfaction.

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

At this level the greatest success is to optimize the time and avoid cover all areas of the company, delegating roles in the administrative staff and rewarding or providing advancement opportunities to who do it with care. Learning to trust in people is vital to delegate responsibilities. If the employer must be at all and thinks that without him or her the company fails, it will be dam of workaholism and their business will not survive.

Here are some other useful tips to avoid workaholism:

The work is fundamental to be and feel useful to society. But it cannot become the center of life to the point that leads to neglect or abandon other human areas necessary for growth and stability.

As a human being remember you have areas that demand constant attention: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and you have to set times to set goals and to develop them and feed them, the same as you do for your work as an employee, entrepreneur or businessman.

Keep in mind that money in abundance does not depend on how hard you work and you try do do it. That is an outdated concept of the Industrial Age. But now in the Information Age exist economical vehicles that are faster, less exhausting and effective as multilevel business online that change the whole picture.

If you are employee work with major determination in helping your company to solve problems or situations and for this focus in the tasks of your post that unblock or help to improve the process of the company. And if you have employees supervised learn to delegate functions.

If you are an entrepreneur or employer you should focus on optimizing time and for that you must build an appropriate work equipment delegating roles, making decisions together and allowing people to do their share of contribution to the growth of company . If the company absorbs you completely and you should be in everything that happens to make things work you will be submitted to the rigors and consequences of workaholism.

The spiritual life, family life, social life, exercise, healthy eating, rest and relaxation are key to being a successful worker in any field you choose. If you replace this with workaholism you will pay a very high price that can be paid at some point with your own life.
When workaholism is extreme it is best to seek professional help as it has developed a mental illness known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that requires multiple treatment sessions and accompaniment.

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