Will My Insurance Cover a Tree That Fell on My Car?

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    • Comprehensive car insurance is an extension of collision insurance that covers damages caused by fire, flood, natural disasters, theft and vandalism. Damage caused by a tree or limb falling on an automobile is covered under this type of policy.


    • Comprehensive coverage pays up to the limits of the policy or current value of the car minus the deductible, which is paid by the insured. Having this coverage protects your financial investment in the automobile.


    • Comprehensive insurance is not recommended for cars with low cash value. Insurance companies will not pay for damages beyond the current book value of the car, which decreases with the age of the vehicle. When the value of a car has considerably depreciated, the insured may pay more over time in premiums than the benefits paid for repairs or replacement. For this reason, Consumer Reports recommends canceling comprehensive coverage when the cost exceeds 10 percent of the car's book value.


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