Reasons for Baldness and Natural Cures

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Does your thinning hair annoy you? Are you turning bald in your thirties? Over the years, baldness has turned out to be a very common phenomenon.
At times, it's genetic also.
But normally, baldness starts from the thinning of hair, which is promoted by the release of a chemical hormone called DHT in the scalp.
Due to the functioning of this hormone, the thinning hair finds it hard to grow in its normal way and thus dies.
It commences from the temples and accordingly spreads to the entire head.
This pattern is found to be quiet common in all men.
The reason behind this commonality is not known so far.
On the other hand, some males also suffer from bald patches.
There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of these patches like the fungal infection or anemia.
Whatever the reasons of baldness may be it is not only a disease but also a threat to your self-esteem.
It does hamper your charming personality.
And anyways, who would want to grow bald at his middle age or for that matter any age? You might have tried different therapies to sure it but would have been disappointed by the results.
In spite of their promising advertisements, the medicines hardly work and have strong side effects.
So it's high time, you should believe in natural and herbal products.
To start with Saw Palmetto is one of the useful herbal products that you can easily find in any nutritional centre.
This product works against the various reasons that cause baldness and also helps in thickening of your hair.
Secondly, Biotin also helps in growing healthy hair and skin.
It's basically vitamin B and can be easily purchased from any medical shop.
Both of these products don't have side effects.

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