How to Troubleshoot a Spirit Treadmill

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    • 1). Check to see that the safety tether is in place if the display on the treadmill does not light up. Make sure the circuit breaker on the front grill has not tripped. Reset as necessary. Make sure that the power switch is on. Inspect the household electrical panel for any tripped breakers or blown fuses. Reset breakers and replace fuses with others of the same amperage.

    • 2). Recalibrate the treadmill if the display is lit but the motor is not operating. Remove the safety key. Press and hold down the START and FAST buttons and replace the safety key at the same time. When you see the message "Factory Settings," press the "ENTER" key. Press the "UP" or "DOWN" key and then "ENTER," to choose Metric or English settings. Make sure the wheel size diameter is 2.810, then press "ENTER." Set the desired maximum and minimum speed and elevation, then press "START" to begin calibration. The process is automatic.

    • 3). Adjust the treadbelt if it does not stay centered. Set the belt speed to about two to three mph. Insert the Allen Wrench into the left side bolt at the bottom rear of the treadmill. Adjust the bolt 1/4 turn at a time until the treadbelt is centered on the deck. Turn the Allen Wrench clockwise to move the belt towards the right side of the machine. Turn the Allen Wrench counter-clockwise to make the belt move left.

    • 4). Lubricate the deck if the treadbelt stops instantly when the tether cord is pulled. Loosen the two rear adjustment bolts with the Allen Wrench, about five to 10 turns each, until you can get your hand beneath the belt. Wipe the deck with a lint-free cloth. Squeeze the contents of the lubrication tube in one line, parallel to the motor cover. The line should be approximately where your feet hit the deck. Tighten the rear bolts and run the treadmill at about six mph, without walking on the unit, for about a minute or two.


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