Helping Students Out Legally

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Law school is tough.
Being a lawyer is often glamorized in the television shows and movies, but most people do not have an idea how long it takes and the skills they need in order to become a good lawyer.
Besides a four year pre-law college degree, there are three more years of law school, and then one has to pass the dreaded written bar exams.
Good communications skills are not enough.
A good lawyer has to be eloquent and proficient in both speaking and writing skills.
They must possess superior logical and critical thinking skills, especially when constructing arguments.
They must learn how to read, research and analyze things quickly.
But these are just the basics.
If students want to specialize in a particular field of law, they can also benefit from other fields as well.
For example, if a student would like to become a corporate lawyer, knowledge on accounting and business practices would be most helpful.
Perhaps the best thing about law school is getting hands on experience in terms of analyzing case studies and giving out legal advice.
They conduct practice and mock and trials under the supervision of a judge or experienced lawyer.
They have moot arguments and debates to practice their public speaking skills.
They conduct clinics in which students can interact with the public and provide legal services or advice, especially for poor people who cannot afford a lawyer, and are ignorant about the law.
In fact, a law clinic has been establish at Strathclyde University to meet these same objectives.
This particular law clinic is run mostly by law students, under the supervision of a trained lawyer or solicitor.
To date, the clinic has received about six hundred fifty cases from outsiders, especially people who fails to qualify to receive legal aid, or those who cannot afford to pay legal fees.
Now the clinic has decided to expand its services to help former inmates and to conduct advice sessions with solicitors for walk-in clients.
Evening sessions are to be held at Glasglow, at the Mitchell Library.
According to the head of the clinic, Professor Nicholson, not only are students learning plenty from the hands-on experience, but they are also doing a noble service to the general public who are in desperate of legal representation.
Likewise, legal facts and information can also be made available online.

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