Don"t Blame Your DNA

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You say "it" runs in your family.
You say "it's" in your genes.
You think there's no way around "it.
" At least, that's how it seems to be for you.
Wake up to reality.
Patterns are just paradigms-ways of looking at the world.
Patterns do not dictate a sentence.
Nothing's written in stone-ever.
Your family patterns reflect a way of thinking carried through lifetimes.
Thoughts create behavior patterns that can affect your health.
The stealth programs in your subconscious mind were placed, molded and refined during your early years.
Those programs created subconscious fears originally meant to protect you.
You don't even know those programs exist.
Yet they direct your actions in every moment and influence your life choices each day: what and how you feel, and what you say.
Those subconscious programs determine how you spend each moment each day.
To reveal those hidden programs, look for the clues that lie in the subtleties of those who people your world: the looks, the nuances and talk.
All those behaviors whirling round and round and round in your subconscious mind leading you to believe if family members got a certain characteristic or health issue, then you will, too.
Know that you can end that cycle without bearing the burdens of those who came before you.
But for those who believe "it" runs in your family-they doom themselves to suffering.
For "it" will run in your family affecting all who follow the silent lead.
Everyone who does feed on that thought, all those who bought into the paradigm that "it" runs in your family, will continue to suffer for generations to come until someone says, "Stop! Not me!" Do so, and you will immediately see that, nope, "it" need not run in your family any more, even if "it's" in your DNA.
You'll avoid the symptoms and misery when you choose to say, "Not me!" Reduce "it" to folklore.
Know "it" has become something to ignore.
Now you can experience more joy in life! Stomp out stress.
Cancel strife.
Enjoy! In Joy! Enjoy yourself and be happier than you ever imagined you could be!

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