How to Word a Roller Skating Party Invitation

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    • 1). Make a list of phrases that have to do with roller skating, and that would also belong on a party invitation. Examples include "rock and rollin' party," "have a wheel-y great time," and "skatin' great."

    • 2). Add phrases from the 1950s to your list, since roller skating was particularly popular during that decade. For example, use '50s jargon like "Do you dig roller skating? Be hip and hang with us at Jackie's roller skating party."

    • 3). Fill the invitation with words that contain the letter "O". Then enlarge two "O"s in your message to represent the wheels of a roller skate. For example, you might write "So come to Jackie's skating party - Don't be late!" and make the "o"s in "So" and "Don't" larger. Then, draw a skate on top of the wheels to complete the invitation.

    • 4). Create a list of skate-related phrases to convey the important information, such as the date, time and the location. Examples include "We're gonna rock at 9 o'clock" or "Roll in to the Skating Queen at 2:30 on Sunday."

    • 5). Take a picture of your child (or yourself) skating for the invitation, and use it as a base for telling guests what they should bring to the party. For example, you could have arrows and labels pointing at each of the following parts of the picture: helmet, skates, knee and elbow guards and a smile. If anything in the picture will be provided by the rink, add that to the label (e.g., "skates (provided by the rink)").

    • 6). Combine the information from the previous steps for your final invitation wording. Edit as needed.


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