Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

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Network marketing prospecting can be incredibly difficult for marketers.
Many network marketers find themselves terrified to pick up the phone and give their prospects a call.
I had such bad phone fear when I got started in the industry the I found myself dreading getting leads and this made me only market half-heartedly.
Traditional Network Marketing Prospecting: -Collect leads that have responded to a home business ad and call them -Establish control of the call by not allowing your leads to ask any questions about your opportunity, company, and products - "Qualify" your lead by asking them some direct questions about them and their situation to establish if they are someone you want to work with -Send them to a presentation call or business overview and call back to follow up This initial conversation can be very difficult as you and the lead will have a very different aim for the call.
You want to gather information from the person, while giving away as little as possible about your opportunity.
The lead wants to get as much info about the opportunity as possible, and generally feel wary about talking about themselves to a complete stranger on the phone.
By refusing to answer any questions the lead often feels like you are a difficult person who is not going to help them or give them what they want.
All this does is generate suspicion about you and your company.
When you make the follow up call after the presentation these leads are often so put off by the manner of the first call that they dodge you completely instead of letting you know they aren't interested So how else can you prospect? How can you change so that people actually want to talk to you? This all begins with good lead generation.
The secret is to use effective attraction marketing principles in gathering your leads so that you establish a strong relationship and build trust before you ever call them.
They should feel they already know you and are honored to receive a personal call.
Network Marketing Prospecting Starts with Lead Generation: First things first, you cannot generate quality leads while advertising your opportunity.
Instead you need to market yourself.
This is the core of attraction marketing and is absolutely tantamount to your network marketing success.
Why do you think the top earners in your business convert their leads better than those who are just getting started? Because they can market their own success story.
They can show that they found the way which makes their leads feel they can learn the business from someone who really knows what to do.
So if you haven't been successful yet yourself how do you market yourself? You need to think about what your lead is looking for.
They are not looking for a specific company or product, and they are even not looking to work with a specific person.
They are looking for success in their own home business.
They want someone who can teach them how to achieve that success.
So if you can demonstrate to them that you have the knowledge and that you are willing to give it away readily and easily they will know you are someone who can truly help.
What better way to help your leads see that you can give them great knowledge and information, than to give them that knowledge before they ever look at your business.
So whether or not you have your own success story you need to gather information, tools, and knowledge that you can share with your leads.
You need to show them how much help and support you will be able to provide if they do join you in their business.
Demonstrate your knowledge openly and answer any questions they might have about exactly what they will need to do to become a success in this industry.
Set up autoresponder emails for your leads that are packed with information and knowledge that they can take away and use, even if they don't join your business.
Then when you lift the phone to make your network marketing prospecting calls your leads will know your name, and be only to happy to talk to you about the possibility of moving forward to join your business.
Use this call to help your leads, to let them ask questions about what they will need to do, to let them see how much help and support you can offer.
Typically your leads end up asking you how they can learn more about your business and working directly with you.
Using this method you can attract more people to your opportunity and never have to cold call a lead ever again!

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