5 Points That Make a Successful Affiliate Marketing Network Program.

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Sifting through affiliate marketing network programs can be confusing. You need to ask yourself some basic questions about the company that you would like to market. The basics are: What is the commission rate? What makes this company profitable? Can I break in to this niche myself? I analyze the company on 5 specific qualities when I am beginning a campaign.

1. Popularity

If you are to make money with an affiliate marketing network program [http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=SlfGUar8], it has to be a popular item. I run this check on the internet. I head over to alexa.com and input the url of the site. It will tell me how much traffic it receives. It also reveals the rank that the site has received. Usually a rank below 100,000 is a decent one.

2. Great product

Obviously, the site needs to have a great product that is popular. If there is a ton of traffic on the search engines for it, then you should be able to find a way to carve out a slice of that traffic through targeted keywords. I like to check traffic with the Adwords keyword tool on Google. I use Google because 77-78% of searches performed are done there.

3. The site itself must look good.

If you visit the site of the affiliate marketing network program that you want to promote, it should not make you laugh out loud about how terrible it looks. If you do not like the site, chances are nobody else will, either. Think like a consumer who is searching for the product. They will not be able to trust a company with a poor site.

4. Low competition

The successful companies are the ones who can solve the problems of a specific group of consumers. If you search on Google and find few companies that are solving the same problem, chances are that you can make it profitable.

5. They should only allow online orders.

The reason for this is because of the way an affiliate program works. You get your link that is specific to you. The only way to track a sale and get your commission is if the customer buys through your link. If a phone or mail order is accessible, you will not get a commission from that purchase even if you were responsible for driving the consumer to the site.

If you can feel good about the answers you got from this research, get out there and market it! Find a way to advertise this affiliate marketing network program and start earning some money for yourself.

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