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Many people get started in network marketing because they see an opportunity to own their own business and make a substantial income.
They research different network marketing companies and finally make a choice.
They may choose a network marketing company that has some very big heavy hitters making 6 figure incomes.
That way they can do what they do and make that kind of money too.
The product may be an awesome product.
Thinking that is a key to success with running their own home based business.
Their company may have great training and support.
They said they would teach you everything that you need to know in order to put money in your pocket.
So they signed up.
Their upline sponsor says to attend the training calls, do what they say and you will have results.
Well, you buy the leads they tell you to.
You memorize the script they tell you to.
You work the hours they say to work.
You dial the phone as much as they say and then you add in a few extra for good measure.
You send people to the presentations.
You do the 3-way calls or at least attempt to (it's difficult to get a heavy hitter on the phone).
You attend the events that they say you shouldn't miss.
You do everything that is asked.
You use their system step by step.
You may even get a personal coach to help you.
Your results after a year- Large Credit Card Debt! You tell yourself that the leads were bad, or that you said the script wrong, or you tried to make the calls at the wrong time of day.
You may even tell yourself that it was the network marketing company itself or the product was too expensive The problem wasn't the network marketing company.
The problem wasn't the leads.
The problem wasn't their system.
The problem was you.
You see if you don't have the skills needed to be an effective network marketer, then you are just wasting your time.
It takes certain kinds of skills to be a good network marketer.
These are skills that your network marketing company doesn't teach.
There is an art and science to network marketing and if you don't have the skills it could take you a very long time to acquire them on your own.
If you don't have the time or don't want to wait, you need education and training specifically designed for network marketers.
If you want to make things happen now, not years from now, you want to get the skills needed to prospect more effectively, close your own sales, handle objections, create your own leads or at least know where to go to buy leads that won't break the bank.
You need the skills needed to become a successful network marketer.
So the next time you hear someone telling you that you don't have to tell, sell, or explain the product to a prospect in order to get them to buy, I want you to ask yourself if you would buy something over the telephone just because you were patched into another person? Listen; there are plenty of people that make it in their network marketing business or their MLM Company.
But I think that if you talk to those individuals, you will find that they have had training in sales or marketing or both.
If you want to make the big dollars in your home based business, you had better get the skills that are needed to get the job done.
I bet you wouldn't hire a sales person to sell your product if they didn't know how to tell, sell, or explain the product.

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