Two Effective Astral Projection Methods

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Almost all the great minds and gurus of our times have revealed that the world is undergoing a shift in frequencies.
This just means that the secrets of life which were earlier inaccessible to the common man are now open for every one.
You can learn the secret to attracting money, happiness and power.
You can travel to the psychic worlds which exist beyond the comprehension of the human senses.
You can meet your guides, angels and masters to gain an insight into the true purpose of your life.
There are many astral projection methods which can help you in astral travel.
Intention plays a very important role in the psychic realm.
If you specify your intention and reiterate it without any doubt to the universe, then the gateways of the psychic world will easily open for you.
In all these astral projection methods, you need to have faith in the process and keep a positive attitude.
Here are some of the well known astral projection methods: Rope method: This method was developed by Robert Bruce.
In this method, you need to lie on the bed and imagine a rope hanging from the ceiling.
Let your body relax completely and imagine that you are trying to pull your self up on the rope.
As your imagination intensifies, you may feel dizzy and even start feeling the vibrations.
At one point, your body may feel paralyzed.
However, do not stop climbing the rope.
Eventually you will find your self floating and free from your body.
Monroe method: A brain child of Robert Monroe, this method uses the hynagogic state which is the state between wakefulness and sleeping.
In this method relax your body completely and then as your eyelids start feeling heavy, you need to enter a state where you are not sleeping and not awake.
Imagine vibrations coursing throughout your body and let them intensify.
At a certain point you will find your self separated from your physical body.

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