Weight Loss is a Commitment That You Make to Yourself

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If you are committed to losing weight and you have a goal in mind, you will need to plan for certain "emergencies".
  Something people do not see when they see an overweight person is their personal feelings.
  All they can think, for the most part, is WOW, that person is HUGE.
  They must have absolutely no self control and they must eat everything that they see.
  They need to lose weight fast! You, as a person who needs to lose weight, of course, are on the inside looking out.
  You may have some serious trauma in your child hood that causes you to turn to food for comfort.
  The first part of any body fat reduction program is to look within yourself and pinpoint your roadblocks.
  If you can, you may even want to start seeing a counselor.
You can gain control when you face temptation by becoming aware of your triggers.
  Maybe your main trigger is stress.
  Stop before you reach for that snack.
  Take a deep breath.
  Count to ten before you do anything.
  Ask yourself if you are reacting to a trigger or if you are really hungry, then decide what the consequences are of those excess calories that you are about to consume.
  Is it worth it?  Think about how you will deal with the consequences of those excess calories and your choices tomorrow.
You won't be able to lose 5 pounds a week, but you can gain control of your emotional well being and move towards your body fat reduction weight loss goal

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