How to Be a Body Spray Designer

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    • 1). Select a high quality perfume base from a trusted online retailer of crafting goods. Such bases that provide a silky and quick drying action include Cyclomethicone NF, a compound that allows fragrant oils to disperse and act as perfumes.

    • 2). Select a variety of fragrance oils from a trusted source. Fragrance oils come in single scents and medleys such as mango, mango-peach-lime and other variations. Choose a wide variety to keep your scents interesting and creative.

    • 3). Practice with different amounts of fragrance oils to create your own signature scents. For example, mixing lavender, rose and ylang ylang fragrant oils creates a feminine and floral scent to be added to a body spray base. Mixing cypress, myrrh and sandalwood with a camphorous scent like bay balm creates a masculine body spray for men.

    • 4). Bottle the individual formulas in plastic or glass spray bottles.

    • 5). Create your own labels for the fragrance designs, labeling each different formula with your own creative label for added effect.

    • 6). Contact the Department of Homeland Security if you wish to sell a body spray with an alcohol base. Cyclomethicone NF does not contain alcohol, however, so a special license is not required to sell body sprays containing it.


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