How to Host Dating Websites

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    • 1). Purchase a server hosting package from a reputable hosting company. When considering a hosting provider search for reviews of the company. Compare as many options as possible to get a feel for the range of services, prices and options available. Hosting can cost as low as $3.50 a month or several hundred dollars for a dedicated server. The most optimal type of service will depend on your technical expertise., and all offer hosting services at competitive rates.

    • 2). Purchase a site domain. If you do not already have domains for your dating websites, you must buy them. Most hosting providers will allow you to purchase domains along with hosting solutions. Domains typically cost less than $15 a year.

    • 3). Add the new dating site domain to your hosting service, using the new host's Cpanel or hosting screen's "Add New Domain" feature. Repeat for each domain that will be hosted.

    • 4). Change the name server for the domain name. Copy the new server's "Name Server" address and change the domain's "Name Servers" to those of the new host. Repeat for additional dating sites.

    • 5). Upload site content and data to each domain's hosting directory on the server. You will need an FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, to do this efficiently. An FTP client is a file transfer program that lets you upload and download data from the local computer and the server, and it is the primary method you will use to transfer your sites to the server. Most hosting packages provide a web-based FTP client in their hosting management sections, but free third party programs like CuteFTP, FileZilla and CoffeeCup FTP are suitable alternatives.

    • 6). Wait for the name servers to update. This process should take less than 30 minutes. The dating sites will now be live on the new server.


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