What to Look for in a Full Coverage Automobile Insurance Quote in Massachusetts

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When you make a mistake with a customer, should you write them off as lost -- never to return again? Nope.
There have been numerous studies which show that a customer who has had a problem and gotten it resolved in a timely manner and to their satisfaction is a more loyal customer than one who has never had a problem.
I've found that to be true too.
One of my biggest fans is a customer who started out on slippery footing.
She's been a repeat customer for three years now.
From a situation that could have been a disaster to one that ended up being great, our response as business people gives us the control to turn that customer into a "raving fan.
" So how do you turn a lemony situation into lemonade in your business? - Use the human touch.
Pick up the phone and connect.
Don't try to tame a rough situation using email.
You'll lose.
- Offer a special gift or extra compensation on your product or service.
That could be a valuable add on product or a free month's service.
- Ask the customer what it would take to make them happy.
You'll find that it's normally something you can accommodate very easily.

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