What to Look for in a Full Coverage Automobile Insurance Quote in Massachusetts

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The only insurance that the state of Massachusetts requires of all its drivers is what is known as 20/40/5 liability insurance.
This is the absolute minimum insurance the state allows.
A 20/40/5 liability policy provides a maximum of $20,000 medical coverage for any one person injured in an accident and will pay a total of $40,000 for medical care for everyone involved in the accident.
It also pays $5,000 in property damage - this generally translates to repairing or replacing the other party's vehicle.
As you can imagine these minimums do not cover a very serious accident in this day and age and people who have homes or other assets that they wish to protect in the event of an accident-spawned lawsuit, often choose to carry much higher coverage.
If you finance a vehicle your lender will not only require that you purchase liability insurance, but will require that you purchase full coverage automobile insurance.
Full coverage automobile insurance includes not only liability insurance but also collision and comprehensive insurance and possibly personal injury protection insurance as well.
Unlike liability insurance, which only covers the other party in an accident, collision insurance protects your vehicle after an accident.
It is your collision insurance that pays for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if you hit another vehicle or if you run into a stationary object, such as a tree.
Comprehensive insurance covers the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it is damaged by vandalism or by natural causes, such as fire, a falling tree branch, or hail.
If you hit an animal while driving, such as a deer, it is your comprehensive insurance that will attempt to set things right.
Personal injury protection insurance pays for your medical treatment and the medical treatment of others in your car who are injured during an accident.
Depending on any other health insurance you have, personal injury protection insurance may or may not make sense for you.
So that's what to look for in a full coverage automobile insurance quote in Massachusetts: liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection.
Two easy ways to control the cost of your full coverage insurance is through your deductible (the larger your deductible the lower your insurance cost) and by purchasing your full coverage policy online.
Online policies are almost always less expense than policies purchased from a brick and mortar insurance agency.
A little tip: don't rely on just 1 automobile insurance price comparison website when looking for the best deal.
If you are serious about saving money make your price comparisons on a minimum of 3 different comparison websites - and then pick the best price you find.

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