Dropout"s Guide to Self Discipline and Success

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Dropping out of school can be a tough decision to make, and I am not qualified to tell you whether you should or should not drop out of school.
I have no bias either way because in my opinion everyone can achieve whatever they set their minds to without the need to go to school at least right now.
Although I am not recommending you drop out of school, if you do make that decision, there are a few things you need to think about before you make the final leap.
The greatest challenge most dropouts face is self motivation or self discipline, meaning they have a hard time getting up and chasing after their dreams without someone making them do it.
After years of schooling, most of us are used to having our feet to the fire and if we don't do as directed, we get in some kind of trouble and consequences are almost immediate.
In the real world, no one will make you pay for your procrastination and laziness right away.
The consequences usually creep up on you, so before you do decide whether to drop out or not you have to think about if you will be able to keep yourself motivated and inspired to take the actions needed to still be successful.
Here are a couple of tips to help you remain motivated and keep you headed toward your dreams if you do decide to dropout.
This advice is also applicable to students and graduates.
  1. Find and Spend time on hobbies: Find your hobbies or things you enjoy doing and stick to them, working to get better and better.
    No matter how silly or simple the hobby might be consider it practicing the discipline and consistency needed to work on the things you may not like doing so much without someone telling you to.
  2. Seek out Inspiration: Find the people who've accomplished great things that you look up to, and read their autobiographies.
    Get in the habit of watching or reading the life stories of celebrities or highly successful people whom can serve as virtual role models for you.
  3. Join Activity groups: Don't just get cornered in your own little view of reality, make it a habit to seek out new activities and making friends that expose you to new ideas and ways of looking at life.
    Find groups on meetup.
    com based around the things you're interested in.
As a dropout, although you may have a lot of free time and the freedom to direct what you spend your time doing, this is not an easier path to success, but if you can master yourself and learn the things that motivate you and keep you productive, you will be far closer to achieving financial independence than any student or graduate who hasn't learned this.

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