Best PDF to Word Mac convert PDF to Word doc docx documents on Mac OS

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Portable Document Format (PDF) files can be generated from almost any kind of file, from image to pdf, office document like word, excel to PDF. PDF documents featured with its multiplatform compatibility, reliable and secure password-protection, etc. However, sometimes you may need convert PDF to MS office like Microsoft Word document for further modification or editing. In this case, a professional and easy-to-handle Doremisoft Mac PDF to Word Converter should be a good assistant to you.

PDF to Word Converter Mac is a simple and powerful tool to help you batch convert PDF to Word documents on Mac. When converting PDF to Word on Mac, all the original PDF elements such as text, images, hyperlinks, tables, etc can be preserved in the converted Word files. Then you can easily reuse, extract or modify the contents of PDF in your Word on Mac.

Mac PDF to Word has many convenient functions for you. Only need to drag or drop, PDF files can be added or removed. You can batch convert multiple PDF files to Word once. You also can convert certain pages of a large PDF file by setting partial conversion.

Key features of PDF to Word Converter Mac:

1. Drag and Drop You can add or remove the PDF files by dragging and dropping PDF files.

2. Batch Conversion Provide a way to batch convert multiple PDF documents (maximum 50) to Word files once on Mac.

3. Partial Conversion Set page ranges or select specific pages to partially convert PDF: Page Ranges: such as page 2-10. Specific pages: such as

4. Preserve all PDF elements The converted Word files can preserve all original PDF elements such as Text, Image, Hyperlinks, Tables, Layouts, Graphics, Columns, etc. ......

Follow these steps to convert PDF document to Word on Mac.

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