Top 5 Tips For Cutting the Cost of Insuring Teenage Drivers

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Teenagers can become a real headache when it comes to insuring them for driving.
This is a worldwide problem as insurers recognize the fact that teenagers have particular issues when it comes to driving.
For a start they are more likely to be killed in road accidents than any other activity.
Add to this the fact that they are three times more likely to die in an accident than an older driver and you can see some of the problems that are out there.
It is a sad fact that the younger the driver the more likely that they are to be involved in an accident.
Sixteen year olds are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than nineteen year old drivers.
This figure doubles when you compare the sixteen year olds to drivers between the ages of twenty and twenty four.
The reasons for these differences is thought to revolve around the fact that the teenage brain is still developing and a lot of important functions involving reasoning don't develop completely until the late teens.
Add to this that hormones are also rampaging through their bodies at this time, and it must seem like there is a powder keg just waiting to explode.
The insurance companies, recognizing these facts, are determined to make sure that premiums are high to reflect the risks involved.
There are however a number of things that you can do to reduce the cost of insuring your teenager and these are my top five tips:
  • If you have family cars and the teenager is to drive these then, you should check how your insurer assigns the family's vehicles to drivers.
    Some insurers assign the teenager to the most expensive and higher risk car.
    This increases the cost for everyone.
    The solution to this may be to switch insurers to one where you can allocate the drivers to the car.
    Alternatively it may be best to get the teenager their own car especially if the car is older and spends more time sitting on the drive.
  • Discounts of between ten and twenty five percent are given to students with high grades on the basis that these are going to be the more responsible drivers of the future.
    Make sure your teenager maintains at least a B average to get this discount.
  • Ensuring that they take drivers education is a way of saving another five to fifteen percent.
  • Increasing your deductibles can save up to another thirty five percent.
    It also makes sense to use your insurance for the bigger disasters rather than the small bangs that you can cover using day to day money.
    You may not need to report these small accidents to your insurer, as they are not involved in fixing the auto, and as a result you can preserve your teenager's accident free record.
  • Buying older less expensive family cars will reduce the insurance bill for everyone especially for your teenager.
    This might seem a retrograde step in terms of the standing of your family but it is certainly worth considering.
These 5 tips will save you money on your insurance costs but there are other things you can do to increase their safety on the road such as restricting night driving, numbers of passengers and the power of the cars that they drive.

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