Hotel Sales & Marketing Ideas

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    Social Media

    • A hotel can utilize social media sites to promote current specials and events. Social media sites allow a hotel to establish a page, upload photos and write postings about the hotel itself. To use social media for sales and marketing, you must keep the page updated. Frequent postings on the sites allow current and potential customers to read about happenings, events and specials. For example, the sales and marketing department makes postings on the social media site every Wednesday to announce specials for the upcoming weekend. You then link to your main website from the social media site and from your main website to all social media sites. You request contact information through your social media sites for all visitors to your page and then incorporate those contacts into other direct marketing campaigns.

    Travel Review and Local Guide Websites

    • Travel reviews are a marketing tool to promote a hotel. Invite travel writers to come personally tour the hotel and offer a free night's stay and dinner as a way to get reviewers on-site. Use travel review websites to your advantage by asking guests to submit reviews. Local travel guides are another marketing vehicle for a hotel. Place advertisements in print and online editions and keep information up-to-date and accurate. Provide coupons and specials for your hotel on all travel guides and review sites, and have the coupon link direct people to your main website, where they obtain the special information.

    Video on Demand

    • You can market your hotel in various ways through technology. Video on demand and streaming media are two ways to get information about your hotel to repeat and potential guests to show them what your hotel offers. Post the videos on your website and on travel sites, and run them through a dedicated hotel information channel on the televisions in the rooms of your hotel.

    Charity Events

    • Allow a charity or organization to hold an event at your hotel. You benefit by getting marketing and publicity through the event. Make sure that all materials generated by the organization mention your hotel. You can use this marketing tactic with schools, nonprofit organizations and industry associations.


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