Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?

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I hope you have all made it through the holiday season unscathed and ready to accomplish all that you have dreamed of this coming year.
Remember, the past does not equal the future.
Just because you didn't accomplish something last year, last month or last week doesn't mean you can't pick yourself up and start over again.
I have recently began working overseas on a military base and I tell you, it's been the experience of a lifetime.
You could have never told me that this is what I'd be doing in life.
I have to share with you about our military and their attitude of gratitude.
The first event that I helped with here was the Jingle Bell Fun Run.
We didn't have any fancy time clocks.
There were no vendors selling anything.
We didn't have fancy prizes and trophies or even numbers to pin on their shirts.
The race began at 0730 and I'm telling you...
it was cold outside.
Our runners signed in and they were assigned a number that was drawn on their hand with a marker.
As I mentioned, we didn't have any numbers to pin on their shirts.
Our time clock was one person with a stop watch yelling out the time to the runner as they crossed the finish line.
They then would report to the person with the sign in sheet to record their time.
We had small prizes to hand out but the big prize is always to have your picture taken and put up on the wall at the gym.
The winner gets bragging rights and they love it! The second event was a 5 v 5 Basketball tournament.
Two days before the tournament, a mortar knocked out one of our outdoor backboards which left us with only one court to play on.
So what do we do? We just change it to single elimination rather than double.
You just roll with what you have.
By the way the "Old School Ballers" are still number one.
The level of fitness here is amazing.
The troops are predominantly Marines at this base.
Is it a Marine thing or is it making do with what you have overseas? I'm not sure but I'm paying very close attention to find out.
Our military overseas understand it takes hard work to get any job done, including getting fit.
It's a never give up attitude.
They're very intense about their workouts.
Sometimes my job isn't about fitness at all.
Occasionally it's about chatting with a soldier or marine or shooting pool with someone that doesn't have someone to compete against.
The troops here are grateful for everything and it's so refreshing to see.
If they got a hot shower rather than a cold one, they're grateful for that.
If they came back from another mission and still have all their fingers and toes, it's another good day.
If we're putting on a scrabble tournament that night or volleyball tournament on the weekend, they're all over it.
Do you know what I think it is? They know that they are not guaranteed anything nor are they owed anything.
They sign up for the job and they get 'er done with little to no grumbling.
Do they have bad days? Sure but, they continue to amaze me with how quickly they can change direction in their attitude.
They go outside the wire, which you know has to be more tense than any of us can imagine, and they come back smiling, joking, and as polite as they can be.
I 'm proud of our military and I hope you are too.
Even if you don't support the war, support our military.
They impress me on a daily basis.
An attitude of gratitude can take you through any day, any challenge, and any goal.
Be grateful for your life, health and strength and take care of yourself daily.
As you hear me say often "glorify God with a healthy body.
" Be happy with what you are blessed with even if you're not quite where you want to be.
If you continually focus on what you don't have or your shortcomings, chances are you'll just get more of the same.
Maintain an attitude of gratitude and you can't help but to be on top of the world.
Many of you might know that I'm an Army wife.
I'm married to one of the Army's finest but it probably sounds like I have sold out to the Marines? Not a chance...
Army strong baby!

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