Is One Color Better Than Another?

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Depending on who you talk to you will get all types of answers to this question.
Ask someone if one color is better than another when purchasing a car and see what color they tell you will be the best for you and why they choose that color.
Some will say white because it reflects the heat, black and navy blue show dirt and dust easily so you will be cleaning it all the time.
If you pick silver then there are times you will not be seen on the road because you will blend in with guard rails or the bridges and you may get hit.
People say anything light is better in the south.
Then they say if you live in the north go with a dark color even though it gets dirty easy it retains the heat during the day and in the winter you will appreciate it.
I say go with the color that makes you smile every time you drive it because you not only bought a car but you also bought an auto insurance premium to go with it.
So, like the color of the car that you are driving.
Do not let anyone talk you into a different color or any features that you do not want.
Enjoy what you drive and enjoy the ride.
Auto insurance quotes are something that can change just like the color of a car.
If you do not like them then go online and do some auto insurance quote comparisons.
Then when you find a company that you want to do business with you can sign up with them.
Since your car will be financed simply ensure you carry the minimum of what they require so you will not be billed for their insurance which I can tell is expensive.
When you get the car home you will know if it is light in the summer then it will be a little cooler to get into in the summer.
A little secret though, if it is hot outside then it will be hot inside too.
If you bought the darker car then spend a little extra time cleaning it and making it look pretty.
Remember why you bought it and in the winter enjoy the little extra warmth in it when you first get in.

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