Your Child"s Remarkable Brain

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The human brain has within itself some incredible capabilities waiting to be activated.
First, we should understand that it is not lack of skills or competence in your child that sets him/her apart from brainy kids, but it is external stimuli, learning methodologies and strategies that make the vast difference.
The human brain is made of neurons.
A single neuron, though appear tiny, is as equivalent to the latest version of computers or rather a robot's memory.
Each human brain has 100 billion of neurons.
Then why it is so one child is brainy and other is not so? The answer is very simple.
What determines the intelligence and success of a person is the number of neuron connections that happens in the brain.
The more and more the connections the more the intelligent the kid becomes.
The human brain can be broadly divided into left and right brain.
The left side of the brain is responsible for our abilities relating to logic, reasoning, analysis, language, maths, rational thinking.
The measuring of left brain utility is called intelligent quotient commonly known as IQ.
The right brain is responsible for creativity, lateral thinking, day dreaming, imagination, emotions and feelings etc..
, the measure of left brain utility is known as emotional quotient or rather known as EQ.
The brain grows at an amazing rate during development.
During the development of brain there are about 250,000.
Neurons are added every minute!!! At birth almost all the neurons that the brain has during its life time are being grown completely.
By the age of 2 years old, the brain is about 80% of its adult size.
However, the brain continues to grow for few years after birth.
The nervous system develops from embryonic tissue called ectoderm.
The brain is the centre of the nervous system.
till the age of 6 is the period were parents has to concentrate on their child development because it is the period were the brain is capable of storing enormous information at this stage the parents must make their fullest possibilities to make their child a prosperously intelligent and a smart kid.
Here are some foods which help in developing the child's brain a super faster one, the foods include yogurt, blueberries, spinach, salmon, bananas,wheat bread,olive oil,raw almonds,tomatoes,broccoli.
You must very well understand that every mother has the capability to nurture the seeds of genius within her new born.
the magic of the child, is in the parents shoulders to develop and grow a highly magnified kid both mentally and physically.

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