Viral Marketing Methods and Strategies

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Give away free software, When a visitor visits your website, as a thank you for visiting your site, give them some free software such as an ezine book on your particular niche.
Don`t forget to include your email address.
Provide Free Web Space, Offer free web space to other site owners that is complimentary to your own site, and ask to place an advert on their site.
This method of viral marketing can be beneficial to both parties.
Offer free e-cards such as graphics, banners or templates.
Offer free advice on the particular niche that you are an expert on, and use this as a viral marketing technique by spreading your marketing message.
Offer a free newsletter, Your newsletters should contain information on your niche and also offer a reward for opting in to your newsletter.
This form of viral marketing can be very powerful because you can build an emailing list.
Free screensavers, Use screensavers and keep to a theme that people can identify with them.
Free Redirect Service, Redirect linking is a very efficient tool to use for viral marketing.
Free Autoresponder Service, This service automatically responds to emails that are sent to the responder, this can result in contacting thousands of people at the press of a button.
Free Email Course, Use this to learn about the basics of making contact with other people.
Writing Articles, Submit an article about your niche to free article submission sites.
Use Forums and Discussion Boards (using signatures), If you have a discussion board on your site let people use it for free.
An advert at the top of the board is a very useful way viral marketing.
Affiliate Program, One of the best methods to use for attracting customers to your website is to start your own affiliate program.
Joint Ventures, Start a joint venture with another website owner preferably with a site owner that is not in direct competition with you, but rather compliments both websites.
Free Guest book, Providing a free guest book and encourage comments, this method will help the word get around.
Provide a Free Forum, People love to comment and have discussions about your particular subject.
These are just some of the strategies and method to use for viral marketing.
Keep on exploring new avenues for new marketing ideas because the Internet is evolving, and there will always be new ideas on how to market your site well.

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