How to Design Birthstone Jewelry

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    • 1). Design a ring. Decide if your birthstone will stand alone as a solitaire, or if you would like additional stones set alongside it. Consider setting small diamonds on either side of a center stone, or surround it with a ring of stones. Choose how narrow or wide you want the band, and if you prefer yellow gold, white gold, sterling or platinum. Consider expense as well as the aesthetics of the stone against the metal. Decide if you want to secure the stone with prongs, exposing most of the stone, or flush with the setting in a bezel.

    • 2). Design earrings with comfort in mind. Decide if you prefer small studs, or longer drop earrings. Choose a small, simple setting if you want to focus attention on the birthstone itself rather than the earring design. Dangling chandelier earrings contain fewer gems and more metal; they are more noticeable, but heavier on your ear. Determine the metal you want to use.

    • 3). Choose a style of bracelet that will best display your birthstone. Determine what works with your wrist--a delicate filigree, or a broad, heavy cuff? Consider embedding your birthstone in a gold bangle bracelet, or oval stones in a thick band of gold with a repeated design. Consider the kind of clasp you want your bracelet to have.

    • 4). Design a birthstone necklace. Select the size, shape and number of stones for your necklace. Consider alternating a row of birthstones with cubic zirconia. Choose the amount of gold, silver, pewter or other metal you want in relation to the stones. Decide if you want a delicate chain, or something more dynamic. Select a length for your birthstone necklace, from a short 14-inch necklace to a longer 30-inch chain. Select the type of clasp you want, such as lobster claw.

    • 5). Take your designs to a jeweler to create the finished product. Sketch your design, or describe it in writing. Discuss the specifics with a professional.


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