How to Make Money Online With YouTube - 3 Free Ways You Can Start Making Money Today!

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First of all you can't really make money from YouTube but what you can do is get traffic from your YouTube videos to your website, blog, Squidoo, etc.
Now I'll be covering briefly on techniques you can use to make money from that traffic.
You can create a free blog using blogger and put AdSense on it.
An ad will show up on your blog & if the visitor clicks on the ad you get paid.
You can blog about anything you like.
But I suggest that it's relevant to the video you made.
For example say I made a blog showing you how to make money online with YouTube.
I would have content staying on that subject.
Then what Google does is finds ads relevant to your content making it appeal to the visitor so they will click on it.
Get the idea? Pros You can make a lot of money with this method without selling anything! Cons Nothing is guaranteed & you will need a lot of traffic if you want to make a lot of money 2.
You can promote your product or services for FREE.
Pretty self explanatory.
Make a video basically promoting anything you would like.
Here are some idea's Make a video then sell a t-shirt designed by you.
I seen some guy named Shane Dawson.
You don't even need to ship them there a company that will do everything for you.
Not sure about the name of it but you can do a little research.
Here's an idea for those party animals.
Promote a event or party on YouTube.
I've seen people make a video on YouTube then they posted it all over MySpace.
They charged 10$ to get into the party and it was a success.
If you have any kinds of talent YouTube is a great place to be discovered.
Justin Bieber & Soulja Boy basically got famous from YouTube and now are making tons of money.
How to make money online with YouTube with a free online program?
  • Acme people search is program that allow you to make 30$ per referral.
    Many members of acme have had a lot of success with online video some of which are making 1000$/w
  • If you want more free tips on how to make money online with YouTube.
    I HIGHLY suggest that you sign up with acme and visit the forums.
    It packed with ton's of free info that you can get anywhere else.
If you want to get MASSIVE views to your video.
One thing you want to do is learn YouTube search engine optimization.
This is a big topic for another article so I suggest you Google "YouTube SEO.

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