How to Avoid Being the Unsubcribe Button When Email Marketing

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Email marketing is not easy but when people get accustomed with the task, one will see that mastery of the craft is indeed possible.
Being able to build and maintain even a growing demand for email list is one of the signs that marketing mastership occurs.
It is really hard to please your subscriber but you can always lessen the chance of being the unsubscribe button by trying to get away from the potholes of email marketing.
Below are some facts that you need to avoid:
  1. Receiving too many emails- This is one reason why people would simply ignore email marketing.
    No one for sure would like to open their mail just to find out that it is loaded with promotional stuffs.
    In view of this, it is sensible if you can seldom send an email to a particular recipient.
    One mail per week is enough.
  2. Hypocrisy- You must not act as if you know the recipient when the truth is that you are not even connected with him/her.
    What you need to do is to be honest with the subscriber, do not say I am a friend of your friend Carla when the subscriber does not even know that a single Carla exist!
  3. Hard Selling- Email marketing must not sound so obvious that you are trying to sell something.
    No person would like to click on something just to know later on that they are not being helped but the mail merely intends to push them to buy a certain product.
    Keep it discrete as much as possible.
  4. Squeeze pages- People hate it when they are being offered something that they think is free, only to find out later on that they are being used for something.
    If your site is trying to offer a free download then give your service for free, do not even dare ask for the email of the subscriber.
    If you ask for the mail then your service is not free anymore because it is now in exchange of something.
  5. Lack of information- Email marketing must give valuable information and not featured articles that sound senseless and empty.
    If people need these kind of articles then they can always search for information online, what they need are worthwhile data to live for.
  6. Lack of formality- Email marketing these days sound so cool that the word respect is being put behind.
    If you wish to receive due attention then you must learn how to follow the rules of formality.
    Every people need respect, remember this.
  7. One theme- No one surely would like to read an email that contains wide range of topics.
    Stick on a single universal thought so you would be understood.
You see, email marketing is not all about complicated processes, instead they are simple works that people are expected to see from someone who wish to market their products or services.
And before anything else, do not send an email without unsubscribe link since this is highly offensive to the receiver.

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