Why You Need to Use the Internet in Your MLM Business

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Until recently, whether or not to use the Internet to build a home-based business was an issue of heated debate among network marketers.
One one side of the debate were the "old-school" top-money earners who maintained that this always has been, and always would be a belly-to-belly business that you would need to build one relationship at a time.
On the other side was a small but determined group of mavericks who came from the Internet marketing world and were adamant about adapting their online marketing skills to their new (or old) network marketing home-based businesses.
In the end, they actually BOTH ended up being right to a degree.
To the credit of the old guard, this business still is and always will be one that is built one relationship at a time, and here are a few reasons why: 1) It is the relationships that often keep distributors in the game LONG enough to have some success 2) many of the people that form the meat of your organization will be people who never have huge success but will love just being around positive people.
Eventually, one of these folks will bring you a star or potential star.
3) What makes your business "real" to your downline are the validation that they feel from seeing and interacting with other people just like them who are also involved in building the same home-based business.
' At the same time, the Internet marketing renegades were right as well.
While the older way of doing the business is still the most effective for building the lasting relationships t that will form the glue to your business, good use of the Internet can turbo charge your marketing efforts literally overnight.
This surge in marketing activity and effectiveness will prove to have a positive impact on both your recruiting and product sales.
However, the online guys had a major problem: duplication.
As you probably know all too well, what makes this business work is the ability to duplicate a proven process that brings in a steady stream of both sales and new marketers.
Much of what the Internet guys were doing was so advanced in the eyes of the average person that it was just not attainable for the vast majority of people to set up systems like that.
That all changed when home-based business and network marketing gurus Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard stepped on the scene.
Though these two have slightly different tactics, they come from the same school of thought; the school of Attraction Marketing.
With their respective systems, they broke down the seemingly complex Internet systems that a very small few marketers have been using for several years and made the methodology accessible to the average rank and file network marketer in the field.
And its great for all of us that they've done so, because here are just SOME of the reasons that you need to definitely be using the Internet to build our MLM business: 1) The biggest "warm market" on earth Think about it.
According to the Internet World Usage Statistics, there were just under 1.
5 billion people using the Internet in 2008.
How's THAT for a warm market list? This medium provides you with a virtually endless ocean of prospects for your product, service, or opportunity.
2) Attraction Marketing Ah, the art of attracting prospects to you instead of you chasing them! Due to the Internet, you are now able to go and set up things like blogs, capture pages, websites, e-zines, and the like that will help you to build credibility over time with your target market.
3) A level playing field Using the Internet to build your business is very affordable-even down to being downright free.
Now, your goal should be that in time, your business will be able to support thousands of dollars of marketing each month.
However, you can actually "start small" and build up to that for very little investment.
Previously you wouldn't be able to join the "big dogs" and work side-by-side with the same strategies and tactics that they were able to use.
You no longer need to be able to pay for a full-page glossy at in a home-based business publication or spend thousands in postage for a direct mail campaign.
4) Marketing budget funding Do to things like affiliate marketing and funded proposals, you now have the ability to actually raise a good deal of money to help fund your marketing budget without it coming out of your pocket or our businesses' pocket.
5) You get to make your business portable This is one of the most freeing aspects of building online.
Most of us have great companies.
However, I personally know people who been financially cut off from their companies without so much as a two-week notice.
Had those same people built online, they would have a system that still worked for them AND branded them as a leader regardless of what the company did.
Second, they would have had a much easier time in simply picking up and going elsewhere.
Within less than a week's time, they could have found a new company, joined, and sent an email blast out to their team via autoresponder to let them know that they were leaving and that now they were looking for people who were willing to go with them.
So, for these and so many other reasons, if you are not already building your business online, you'll want to "hop to it" right this moment to get started.
Act quickly, because you have a lot to learn!

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